Education & Training

The primary focus of King’s Inns is the training of barristers. In furtherance of this aim the school provides a course of education and training, full–time and part–time, that enables law graduates (including graduates from the King’s Inns Diploma in Legal Studies) to be admitted to the degree of Barrister–at–Law and to be called to the Bar of Ireland. For those who do not hold a law degree but who wish to become barristers King’s Inns runs a two year part–time Diploma in Legal Studies involving the study of substantive law. Graduates of the diploma are in the same position as those who have completed a law degree for the purposes of entry to the Barrister–at–Law degree course of study.

While the majority of graduates of the Barrister–at–Law degree course go on to practise as barristers it should be noted that many do not choose such a career path. The skills acquired and honed during the degree course are transferable and relevant not only to practice at the Bar but also to broader career development within the public or private sector as well as to life in general. Many of our Alumni who did not choose legal practice have gone on to forge very successful and high profile careers in business, politics and the media.

As an innovative and forwarding looking school, King’s Inns is keen to respond to educational and professional development needs, and continues to design and provide new courses to meet these needs. Areas currently addressed by King’s Inns in its suite of continuing professional development for the lawyer and non–lawyer include: Law & Education, Planning & Environmental Law, Democratic Process & Electoral Law, Applied Employment Law, Juvenile Justice, Corporate and White–Collar Crime, Legislative Drafting, Lawyer Linguistics and Legal Translation through Irish, Legal Practice through Irish, Public Procurement Law and Immigration & Asylum Law. More information can be found here.