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Members: 13 May 2014

Eoin Higgins Moot

Eoin Higgins Moot

This year’s final Moot was for the Higgins trophy which commemorates a distinguished Northern Ireland legal figure whose memory friends and family wanted to honour by an annual contest involving law students from The Honorable Society of King’s Inns and the Institute of Professional Legal Studies, Queen’s University Belfast. The Moot is judged by members of the judiciary from Northern Ireland the Republic of Ireland. There is a dedicated coach available to participants.

Eoin Higgins was Sir Eoin Higgins, a High Court judge in Northern Ireland, who was appointed as Lord Justice of Appeal but sadly died before he was able to take up the post. The contest is hosted by King’s Inns on alternate years and this year (2014) was once again our turn to do the honours. A complex legal issue about possible judicial conflict of interest in an imaginary personal debt case was at the heart of this year’s Higgins Moot. If a judge’s personal pension fund has an interest in shares in the bank taking a case before him is the judge conflicted? It depends, but it proved a rich opportunity for legal argument on the day. 

And we won on this occasion which was a credit to Anita Finucane, Hugh McDowell, Francis Daly, Patrick Crowe, and Mark O’Hagan, who togged out for us.