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Job Vacancies : 02 December 2019

Job Opportunities: Judicial Assistants sought by the Courts Service

Job Opportunities: Judicial Assistants sought by the Courts Service

The Courts Service has excellent opportunities to work with the judiciary as a judicial assistant. The role is a three year contract which involves providing support to judges which can range from administrative, research and attending court. These roles provide an invaluable insight into the practical workings of the courts.

Candidates must:


  • Currently hold at least a 2.1 in a law degree (LLB or BCL) from one of the approved degrees listed on the King’s Inns schedule of approved degrees. View here.
  • Or have successfully completed the Diploma in Law from Kings Inns.
  • Have a good understanding of the work of the Irish courts system.
  • Have a knowledge of modern legal research methods and materials.
  • Have some experience conducting legal research (this can include academic research or research in the course of court case preparation).

The key duties of the role are:


  • Conducting legal research (academic and case law), summarising facts, legal submissions, case law and relevant material as directed by the judge for inclusion in draft judgments, proof read draft judgments, assist in research for draft judgments.
  • Assist the judge in the preparation of lectures, conference papers and speeches.
  • Prepare case summaries,
  • Assist with legal drafting and proofing.
  • Prepare conference papers and speeches as required.


  • Act as liaison between the judge and the parties to litigation (if required)
  • Collect the judge’s books and papers for court
  • Remain in court during hearings if required to note evidence and submissions as directed.

To apply, download the information book and application form the Courts Service website here

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Wednesday 11 December 2019.