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Job Vacancies : 07 January 2021

Launching your EU Career: European Commission traineeship scheme (Blue Book Traineeship)

Launching your EU Career: European Commission traineeship scheme (Blue Book Traineeship)

Twice a year, the Commission offers 5–month paid internships in its Directorates, Commissioners’ Cabinets, Services and many EU agencies. The training sessions are from 1 March to end July and from 1 October to end February of the following year. 

The application period for the next session has just opened. You can apply by 29 January 2021, 12:00 (midday, Brussels time) for traineeships starting in October 2021.

Useful points:

  • There is no age limit to participate in the traineeship programme.
  • You must have completed a bachelor’s degree (comprising of at least 3 years of education) by the closing date for applications. You get points for having completed additional degrees.
  • No previous work experience is required but you can indicate up to three work experiences on the application portal. If you have more, select the most relevant ones. You can mention the rest in the ‘Motivation’ section.
  • You must have a very good knowledge of two EU official languages (one of which must be English, French or German). For example, possible combinations could include: English & Irish, English & French, English & Spanish, etc.
  • All candidates must declare one mother tongue. No points are awarded for the mother tongue and, therefore, no evidence of this is required. If you have more than one mother tongue and wish to receive points for them, you can declare these in the ‘Other languages’ section of the application provided you can supply appropriate written evidence of this.
  • Documented written proof of declared language(s) knowledge, indicating the level obtained, by way of example:
    • language certificates with attainment showing level C level (according to the CEFR framework)
    • university diplomas/transcripts obtained in the languages in question
    • proof of bilingual education at secondary level
  • The living allowances for the 2021 traineeship sessions will be €1,229.32 per month.

Further information and application details are available on the Blue Book Traineeship website