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Library: 15 January 2021

Our City Our Books: an interview with our Librarian

Our City Our Books: an interview with our Librarian

At the helm of every library are the wonderful librarians who ensure that each building is a welcoming place with opportunities for learning, wonderment and joy. A happy side–effect of a librarian’s job is that they have an incredible depth of knowledge of books and of all the great things happening in their community.

Our Librarian Renate Ní Uigín was interviewed by the team behind Our City Our Books, a wonderful project run by our neighbours on Henrietta Street, Dublin City Council Culture Company.

Our City Our Books is a website and programme that shares suggestions of books cherished by people in Dublin. They collect recommended reads from people, connecting communities of readers with the books that have shaped the lives of those who live here in Dublin. 

Read the interview with Renate here