King’s Inns Law Review

The King’s Inns Law Review (KILR) is an annual law journal published by the students of The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, dedicated to the publication of Irish, European and international legal scholarship. The core ethos of the Review is the promotion and fostering of legal scholarship, both in the King’s Inns and across Ireland.

The King’s Inns Law Review is grateful for the generous and kind support of its friends and benefactors, without whom the Review would not be possible. The Editorial Board welcomes donations and contributions to fund the longevity of the Review, and all sponsorship queries should be addressed to

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Editorial Board – Volume IX (2019)

Editors–in–Chief: Finn Keyes and Christopher Bowes

Managing Editor: Louise O’Donnell

Senior Editors: Danielle Curtis and Joanna Gilbert

Treasurer: Lauren Murray

Secretary: Rapelang Molosiwa

PRO: Chris Wai Yin Chan

Production Editor: Miriam Gattis

Sales – Sponsorship Director: Cillian McGovern

Editors: Lorcan Hurley, Elaine Buckley, Stuart Begley