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Core legal courses 

Degree of Barrister–at–Law

Diploma in Legal Studies

Advanced Diploma courses for both legally qualified and non–legally qualified participants

Courses available through blended learning

Data Protection Law 

Law and Education

Planning and Environmental Law

Corporate, White–Collar and Regulatory Crime

Public Procurement Law

Immigration and Asylum Law

Democratic Process and Electoral Law

Juvenile Justice

Attendance in person required

Applied Employment Law

Legislative Drafting

Ard–Dioplómaí trí mheán na Gaeilge

Dlítheangeolaíocht (Lawyer–Linguistics)

Aistriúchán Dlíthiúil (Legal Translation)

Dlí–Chleachtadh trí Ghaeilge (Legal Practice through Irish)

Welcome to The Honorable Society of King’s Inns. Founded in 1541 under a lease from Henry VIII, King’s Inns is Ireland’s oldest legal institution and oldest School of Law. Many famous legal and political figures over the past centuries have been members of the Society or are former participants in our legal education courses.   

Designed by James Gandon and located on Dublin’s Constitution Hill, King’s Inns is an important example of Ireland’s Georgian architectural heritage. King’s Inns is also one of Ireland’s most interesting social venues, built on a tradition of collegiality and fine dining. 

Whilst we are particularly proud of our legal history and the traditions of the Society, our greatest attribute is the unique legal education we offer at King’s Inns. See the list above of courses for would–be lawyers and for people who simply wish to inform themselves on the impact of the law in particular areas of business life and public administration.


It helped to foster a real sense of collegiality among the students – something that is so important to life at the Bar.


News Stories

LSDSI activities at King’s Inns: 2018 McCarthy Impromptu Debate

The 2018 McCarthy Impromptu Debate took place on Wednesday 7 February before a busy dining hall. Full–time students Arthur Griffin and Patrick Fitzgerald, along with modular 1 student Deirdre Moore, debated the motion “This house believes that Brexit is a wonderful idea and that Ireland should also join the UK Exodus from the EU”.

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Friday 23rd February 2018

Dining – Benching

Saturday 03rd March 2018

Open Morning 2018 – Diploma in Legal Studies and Barrister–at–Law Degree Courses

Tuesday 06th March 2018

Open Evening 2018 – Diploma in Legal Studies and Barrister–at–Law Degree Courses

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