25 April 2024 | 18:30

Ordinary Dining – Student Guest Night


    • This is a Student Guest Night. Student members (modular and full–time degree students) are invited to bring up to two guests. Before booking, please refer to your emails for a notice from the Office of the CEO and Under Treasurer.
    • Benchers who are not rostered for this night and would like to attend this Dining, please book below.
    • Honorary benchers, please book below.
    • District and circuit court judges, please book below.
    • Subscribing barrister members, which include senior counsel, junior counsel and other qualified barristers, please book under ‘barrister graduates‘ category below.
    • The main Dining Hall door will be open at 6 pm, and you must check–in at the reception desk. Dining commences promptly at 6.30 pm and ends approx. 8.30 pm.
    • Please familiarise yourselves with the customs and experience of Dining.
    • In booking a seat or table, you agree to our booking terms and conditions, cancellation policy.

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honorary bencher

District / Circuit Court Judge

Barrister Graduates

Student Member - MOD (Waiting List)

Student Member - FT (Waiting List)