05 May 2023 | 18:30

Bar Benching – John O’Sullivan

  • John O’Sullivan will dine for the first time as a Bar Bencher of The Honorable Society of King’s Inns.
  • Benchers who are not rostered for this night and would like to attend this Dining, please book below.
  • Honorary benchers, please book below.
  • District and circuit court judges, please book below.
  • Subscribing barrister members, which include senior counsel, junior counsel and other qualified barristers, please book under ‘barrister graduates‘ category below.
  • Barristers cannot bring non–member guests to this Dining. This is a members’ only event.
  • The main Dining Hall door will be open at 6 pm, and you must check–in at the reception desk. Dining commences promptly at 6.30 pm and ends approx. 8.30 pm.
  • Please familiarise yourselves with the customs and experience of Dining.
  • In booking a seat or table, you agree to our booking terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and the Covid 19 protocol on Dining below.

 Covid 19 Protocol on Dining

  1. To continue protecting each other, especially the medically vulnerable, we encourage that masks continue to be worn while entering and moving around the Dining Hall, especially when in close proximity with another person. They can be removed when attendees are seated for Dining.
  2. Social distancing measures are still in force within the King’s Inns buildings in order to protect staff, students and members. Please follow them and use hand sanitiser where available.
  3. If you have COVID–19 symptoms, please do not attend Dining and follow the HSE ADVICE in adhering to social distancing procedures.
  4. We appreciate your patience and assistance in implementing these regulations.  

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