Disability Support

Page last updated: Monday, May 20, 2024

King’s Inns is committed to ensuring that students with a disability have as complete and equitable access to all facets of higher education life as can reasonably be provided. King’s Inns has adopted a code of practice that is applicable to all students with disabilities studying in King’s Inns. 

This is in accordance with the Disability Act 2005, the Equal Status Acts 2000 (as amended), the Employment Equality Act 1998, as amended and the University Act 1997. Students with a disability are encouraged to speak to the Registrar to seek supports where the disability could affect their ability to participate fully in all aspects of the course.

Creating an inclusive environment 

King’s Inns is responsible for providing – where possible – an inclusive environment where all policies, procedures, courses and facilities should be accessible to the greatest number of students possible without the need for adaptation or additional supports for particular groups. Creating an environment where students are encouraged and supported to disclose a disability.

This Code of Practice applies to all students, with permanent or long term disabilities at King’s Inns provided necessary medical documentation is submitted. It aims to provide a high standard of service to students with disabilities. King’s Inns will provide – where necessary – disabled students with reasonable accommodations to ensure that they are not placed at a substantial disadvantage compared to a non–disabled student. A substantial disadvantage is one that entails time, inconvenience, effort or discomfort compared to other students and which is more than minor or trivial.

For the purposes of King’s Inns policies relating to disabled students, reasonable accommodations are determined through a needs assessment process taking into account the nature of a disability, course requirements and individual differences. The most common forms of reasonable accommodations are available in the King’s Inns Disability Policy – download below. 

Prospective students should upload their completed forms through the Application Portal. 

If you have any queries at this time, please email registrar@kingsinns.ie

Further information 

Document of Disability Support