How do I find out about studying at King’s Inns?

Throughout the academic year, King’s Inns offer a number of information seminars, workshops and open day events to give prospective students a chance to find out more about our courses and student life at King’s Inns. 

These events take place during the evening and/or weekends to accommodate people in full–time employment and for people who have to travel from outside of Dublin. 

Did you know

  • Not only do future practising barristers study at King’s Inns; our student population across all our courses is diverse attracting people from a range of professions working and/or living across Ireland and internationally;
  • All our courses are delivered by subject matter expects and are leaders in their careers across the law, politics, HR, communications, policy, and education;
  • Many of our courses attract non–legal professionals – please check each course for admission requirements;
  • Most of our courses are run part–time and take place early morning, evening or weekends;
  • Many of our professional development (Advanced Diploma) courses are delivered online with the option to attend in person, allowing students to study remotely in their own time. 
  • King’s Inns is located in Central Dublin with onsite parking and quick access to major public transport links in and outside of Dublin. 

Open Day and Evening 2021 (All Courses) 

  • Diploma in Legal Studies – view course details here.
  • Barrister–at–Law Degree – view course details here,
  • Advanced Diplomas – view all professional development courses here

Further information on 2021 Open Days to be released soon. 

Be a Law Student for a Day (Diploma in Legal Studies)

Would you like to know what it’s like to be a student on the Diploma in Legal Studies? Every year, King’s Inns offers prospective students an exclusive chance to experience life as a Diploma student by taking part in classes like those on the course. 

2021 date to be released soon.

What to expect

  1. Talk about the Diploma in Legal Studies;
  2. Tutorial about sources of law, the right to a fair trial, and freedom of expression;
  3. Tutorial about sexual offences and equality before the law;
  4. Classes will be delivered by current staff members and will be interactive;
  5. During classes, prospective students will learn about the topics by interacting with the tutor and one another to solve problem questions.

Videos of Previous Open Days

Open day videos are available to watch on our YouTube channel here.