How do I find out about studying at King’s Inns?

Last Updated: Monday, August 23, 2021

Throughout the academic year, the education team hosts information sessions and interactive seminars to give prospective students a chance to learn more about our courses and student life at King’s Inns. These events take usually place during the evening or weekends to accommodate people in full–time employment. 

Our website and social media platforms are the primary place for up–to–date information on our courses. Please subscribe to our mailing list where we will alert subscribers on upcoming events and activities at King’s Inns.

2021–2022 Events

Open Evenings 

In 2021, King’s Inns hosted three information sessions for people interested in our professional law courses. Each event took place online in the evening online through Zoom.

  1. Degree of Barrister–at–Law
  2. Diploma in Legal Studies 
  3. Professional Development Courses (Advanced Diplomas)

What to Expect 

  1. Welcome and introduction
  2. Talk about our courses
  3. Entry requirements and student supports
  4. Library and online services 
  5. Student life and extracurricular activities 
  6. Career and further study opportunities
  7. Live Q&A with members of the education team

Registration will open in November/December for 2022 events. 

Be a Law Student for a Day – Diploma in Legal Studies

At the beginning of each year, King’s Inns offers prospective students a chance to experience life as a Diploma student by taking part in classes like those on the course. 

What to Expect

  1. Talk about the Diploma in Legal Studies;
  2. Tutorial about sources of law, the right to a fair trial, and freedom of expression;
  3. Tutorial about sexual offences and equality before the law;
  4. Classes are delivered by current staff members and are interactive;
  5. During classes, prospective students learn about the topics by interacting with the tutor and one another to solve problem questions. 

Registration will open in November/December for 2022 events.