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We are fortunate to have a diverse and vibrant alumni community who recognise the value of receiving professional legal education and training at King’s Inns.

Our graduates include leaders, advocates, innovators, and game–changers, from industries across Ireland and abroad. The reputation of King’s Inns is international, and eminent graduates include former Presidents of Ireland, Taoisigh, politicians, leading academics, many leaders and advocates across other professions, and, of course, judges and barristers in practice throughout the English–speaking world.

All graduates of King’s Inns – whether that is the Diploma in Legal Studies, degree of Barrister–at–Law or the Advanced Diplomas – are part of our alumni community. 

Engaging with the Law 

and King’s Inns is a lifelong adventure

As King’s Inns is a professional body for qualified barristers, all graduates of the degree of Barrister–at–Law course uniquely become members of King’s Inns and may become Subscribing Members. For more information, please see our member community page.

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As part of our yearly activities, King’s Inns continue to work on building a programme of events, providing opportunities to socialise, network, collaborate and learn, and nurture a lifelong relationship with King’s Inns and each other.

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