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Volume X 

Published in November 2021

Edited by Cian Henry and Ursula Quill

Foreword by The Hon. Justice Gerard Hogan


  1. What is the Meaning of ‘Ombudsman’? A Biological Analysis of the Irish Administrative State Ruairí McIntyre
  2. Regulating Life, Death and Choice – Rachel Gaffney
  3. The Legislature’s Attempts to Tame a Recalcitrant Education System – Mia Treacy
  4. Schüler*innen im Homeoffice: Der Datenschutz von Kindern in der Ära der digitalisierten Bildung – Michael–John Gillen
  5. Intersex framings within international human rights law – Stephanie Lum
  6. A comparative assessment of the law relating to hostile takeovers in the U.S. and EU. – James Redmond
  7. Case Note: Student Transport Scheme v. Bus Éireann [2021] IESC 22 – Shane Finn

Volume IX 

Published in February 2020

Edited by Christopher Bowes and Finn Keyes

Foreword by The Hon. Justice Mary Faherty


  1. Collective Bargaining Rights in the Gig Economy in Ireland: Appraising the Competition (Amendment) Act 2017 – Sean Hurley
  2. Reconstructing the Cornerstone of Employment Law: From the Contract of Employment to Relational Contract Theory – Celia Reynolds
  3. The Politics and Dialogue of Transnational Courts in Europe: A Critical Legal Analysis – Liam O’Driscoll
  4. Organisation of Working Time in the Digital Era – Paul Maier
  5. “The Best Lack All Conviction, While the Worst are Full of Passionate Intensity Reconsidering Stanley Cohen’s Theory of Moral Panics – Michael Nutley
  6. Rewinding the Clock: Workers’ Rights in the Gig Economy – Hilary Hogan
  7. The Protection of ‘Beatha’ in Article 40.3.2’.: Does the Irish Wording of the Constitution Create a Stronger Right of Autonomy in End of Life Decision–Making? – Eimear Gallagher

Volume VIII 

Published in February 2019

Edited by Cillian Bracken and Ciara Ní Ghabhann


  1. Penalty Clauses and Liquidated Damages: The Divergence in English and Irish Jurisprudence – Conor McEneaney
  2. Case C–378–17 Minister for Justice & Ors v Work Relations Commission & Ors, A Triumph for the Workplace Relations Commission? – Siobhán Lafferty
  3. Dealing with the Market Abuse Regulation: A Case for Modernisation – Deirdre Ryan
  4. No Country for Young Girls: Adolescent Abortion under the Eighth Amendment and the Post–Repeal Landscape – Clíodhna Ní Chéileachair
  5. The Utilization of Foreign Law in Domestic Constitutional Interpretation – Evan Kearney
  6. Balancing Harm and Culpability in Assessing the Gravity of an Offence – Rebecca McKittrick
  7. Unloosing the Gordian Knot: The Scope of the Exclusionary Rule for Bad Character Evidence in Irish Law – Finn Keyes
  8. Kerins v McGuinness & Ors – Oireachtas Inquiries and the Protection of Constitutional Rights: Striking the Right Balance – Liam O’Driscoll

Volume VII 

Published in January 2018

Edited by Aisling Hannon and Sophie Pigot

Foreward by The Hon. Justice Frank Clarke, Chief Justice


  1. “Non–Catholics Need Not Apply”: The Legal Status of Discrimination in Irish School Admissions Policies – April Duff
  2. To Ignore or to Exclude? A History of Unlawfully Obtained Evidence from the Jacobites To JC – Stephen Brittain
  3. Revenge Pornography in Ireland: Discussion of the proposed law and the direction it may take in the near future – Emer Shannon
  4. The Legal Impact of Marriage Equality – Hilary Hogan
  5. The Children of Lir and the Disappearing Lake – Margaret Heavey
  6. A Comparative Analysis of the Moral Right of Integrity in the UK, Ireland and France – Denis Flynn
  7. Pre–implantation Genetic Diagnosis under the General Scheme of the Assisted Human
  8. Reproduction Bill 2017: How Should Irish Law Regulate Prospective Parents “Designing” Their Future Children? – Laura Croke
  9. When Fantasy Becomes Reality: the prospect of repealing the Human Rights Act in the UK – Danielle Gallagher
  10. Brexit and Beyond: The Future of UK Human Rights Protection – Ruth Cormican
  11. Case C–308/14 Commission v UK: The Market, Gender and the Retreat of the EU in the Field of Social Security – Charles Edward O’Sullivan and Muireen O’Dwyer
  12. Battered Woman Syndrome in Irish Criminal Law: Justification or Excuse? – Aoife McPartland

Volume VI 

Published in October 2016

Edited by Benedict Blunnie and Sarah Jane O’Brien

Foreward by The Hon. Justice Frank Clarke, Chief Justice


  1. How do the World Trade Organisation Agreements Impact upon the Laws and Legal Systems of the WTO Member States? – Darya Maynes
  2. The Never–Ending Story: A Comparative Analysis of the Problems with Entrenched Emergency Theory in Legislative and Administrative Action in Israel and Northern Ireland – Anna Brennan
  3. Should we keep running up that Hill? LM v Commissioner of An Garda SíochánaPaul Carey
  4. Swimming Against the Tide – Sarah Healy
  5. Deferred Prosecution Agreements: A Practical Proposal – Daniel McCarron
  6. EU Consumer Rights Directive – Peter O’Sullivan

Volume V 

Published in November 2015

Edited by Ciara Johnson and Ciaran O’Rourke

Foreward by The Hon. Justice Carmel Stewart, High Court 


  1. From Sfumato to Chiaroscuro: Highlighting the Legal and Practical Hurdles to Art Investment Funds – Róisín Áine Costello
  2. Irish Divorce Law: Where art thou certainty? – Laura Michelle Croke
  3. Corporate Criminal Liability and the Companies Act 2014: A Covert Step towards Re–conceptualisation and Reform? – Nicola Cavey and Clare Elizabeth Kelly
  4. Mother, where art thou? – Case Comment: M.R. v An tÁrd–ChláraitheoirEmma Fitzsimons
  5. “Back To The Future?” – EU Merger Control 30 Years after the Commission’s White Paper on the Completion of the Single Market: Case Study Of The Automobile Industry – Conor Talbot
  6. Dying With Dignity: Addressing The Needs Of Terminally Ill Persons In Ireland – Annie Nevala
  7. Judicial Dialogue: Method In The Madness? – Megan Lee
  8. ‘Warren and Brandeis and The Right to Privacy’s Hollow Core’ – Róisín Áine Costello

Volume IV 

Published in October 2014

Edited by Karen McLaughlin and Sarah Sheppard

Foreward by Máire R. Whelan SC, Attorney General 


  1. The Court of Justice of the European Union and Ireland’s Pringle Case: The Path to a Division of the EU into Two Parts? – Patricia McKenna
  2. Financial Regulation in Ireland: An Analysis of the Legislative Changes Introduced in the Wake of the Financial Crisis – Audrey Lynch
  3. A Comparative Approach to Transgender Legislation in the UK and Ireland – Alison Fynes
  4. Empty DNA: An Exploration of Developments in mtDNA and Assisted Reproduction Technology – Rebecca Keating
  5. Automatic Disqualification on Grounds of Objective Bias: A Case for Retention – Anita Finucane
  6. Climate Change and Forced Displacement: Conceptual and Legal Issues – Benedict Blunnie
  7. The Poor Have No Lawyers: Scotland’s Non–Compliance with the Access to Environmental Justice “Pillar” of the Aarhus Convention – Benjamin Christman
  8. Public Interest Litigation in the United Kingdom: Enemy of the State? – Conor McCormick

Volume III 

Published in November 2013

Edited by Nóra Ní Loinsigh and Niall Mulligan

Foreward by The Hon. Justice Nial Fennelly, Judge of the Supreme Court 


  1. Reconciling the Irreconcilable: Ostensible Authority After Kelly v FraserColm Kelly
  2. Charges Over Book Debts – James Kane
  3. Local Government and Public Procurement: Legal and Policy Issues Related to Social Procurement and Community Benefit Clauses in Contracts in Ireland – Deirdre Halloran
  4. Victim Participation Within the International Criminal Court – Rupert Holden
  5. The Legality of Renting Wombs: An Analysis of the Enforceability of Surrogacy Contracts Under Irish Law – Síne Creamer
  6. Whistling in the Wind: The Protected Disclosure Bill 2013 – Rebecca Keating and Ruth Keating
  7. Threat to Democracy or Integral to Transparency? The Legality and Desirability of WikiLeaks – Donal Scott

Volume II 

Published in September 2012

Edited by James Nerney and Eoin Sreenan

Foreward by The Hon. Justice Susan Denham, Chief Justice


  1. Education Without Borders: The Freedom of Movement for Students in EU Law – Peter Dunne
  2. Characters in Intellectual Property: Protecting Creativity, Property Rights or a Monopoly? – Stephen Richard Donnelly
  3. The End of Forum non Conveniens: Has the European Court of Justice Gone Beyond its Boundaries? – Sarah Wall
  4. The Rising Tide of Intermediary Activism in the Face of Digital Piracy: Irish Case Law Demands a Legislative Response – Hugh McCarthy
  5. Aboriginal Land Rights: Two Centuries of Denial – Christopher Kierans
  6. Wrongful Remuneration: Short Term Reward for Long Term Failure – Barry Connolly
  7. New Terrorism, Social Control and the Pre–Emptive Drift: Towards the Utilisation of Foucauldian Space in Modern Socio–Legal Theory? – Stephen Kirwan

Volume I 

Published in October 2011

Edited by Amy Cahillane and Brendon Guildea

Foreward by Mary Faulkner, Dean of King’s Inns


  1. The Article 15.2 Non–Delegation Doctrine – A Crumbling Bastion of Bunreacht na hÉireann? – Ferenc Jari
  2. Routine Piracy: Digital Piracy and Routine Activity Theory – Alex Towers
  3. “When the chips are down, who has a stake in your kidney?” A New Approach to Organ Procurement in Ireland – Sarah Fulham McQuillan
  4. Gaddafi and the International Criminal Court: An Analysis of Transitional Justice in Libya – Ben Christopher Loin Mitchell
  5. Utopian Ideology in International Law – Rom Bhandari
  6. LSDSI Auditor’s 2011 Inaugural Speech: The Possibility of a Motivational Theory of Law – William McLoughlin