The Law Students’ Debating Society of Ireland

Page last updated: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Cumann Díospóireachta Mhic Léinn Dlí na hÉireann

The Law Students’ Debating Society of Ireland (LSDSI) is a student–run body originally formed as a debating society in 1830. Over the years, it has evolved and now represents all facets of student life at King’s Inns. 

The LSDSI benefits from considerable support and direction from the Society.

President: The Hon. Justice Donal O’Donnell, Chief Justice of Ireland

Vice–President: Charles Lysaght BL, Ex–Auditor

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At the beginning of each academic year, the Bachelor–at–Law and Diploma students elects an Auditor who assembles a committee with specific positions designated to oversee fundraising for the LSDSI social activities and sport events.

The Auditor, as well as convening committee meetings, hosts an Inaugural Address each year that is often chaired by a judge of the Superior Courts.

Committee 2023 – 2024

  • Auditor – Norah O’Brien (Mod 2)
  • Secretary – Shannon O’Sullivan (Mod 2)
  • Treasurer – Liam Taylor (Full time)
  • Events Officer – Joanne Padden (Full time) Estelle Casadesus Switzer (Mod 1)
  • Sports Officer – Hugh Leavy (Mod 2)
  • Student Officer – Krizia Testa (Diploma) 
  • Accessibility Officer – Alannah Murray (Diploma)
  • Fundraising Officer – Lesley Bell (Diploma)