Car Park Rental at King’s Inns

General Car Park Terms and Conditions

By renting a car park space, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. King’s Inns car park is a private car park and is secured on behalf of King’s Inns by an outside security firm.
  2. By booking a space, you are not guaranteed to be allocated your chosen space. King’s Inns will confirm your allocation once payment has been confirmed.
  3. The car park is opened from 7 am to 7.30 pm Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday opening is dependent on COVID–19 restrictions and King’s Inns academic program. Please note core opening hours may be extended throughout the year to reflect the educational and legal year program. You will be notified in advance of these changes via email.
  4. Wheel clamping is in operation at King’s Inns and is managed by an outside clamping company. Cars that do not display a current valid parking permit at all times will be clamped without any warning. Regular checks are carried out in the car park. The removal of a clamp costs €100 and must be paid in full before clamp can be removed. 
  5. King’s Inns does not accept responsibility or liability for any accident, loss or damage to persons, vehicles, accessories or contents, however caused, while parked or moving on the King’s Inns property.
  6. The occupier of these premises, pursuant to section 5 of the Occupiers’ Liability Act, 1995, hereby EXCLUDES the duty of care otherwise afforded to visitors under the said Act.
  7. Please notify us if you change your car and we will issue you with a new parking permit. Failure to do so, may result in your car being clamped.
  8. Overnight parking is not permitted, as there is no facility to monitor the car park overnight once our security company locks the park. Any cars left in the car park may be clamped.
  9. If you arrive after the car park is closed and you ring the security company to open the gates to get your car out, you will be liable for all the associated costs. 
  10. Parking at the front of the King’s Inns Main Building (Dining Hall) is not permitted and only available with the express consent of King’s Inns including day visitors and students on the part–time Advanced Diploma courses ONLY.
  11. During the term, King’s Inns reserves the right to contact you directly about parking and any issues or updates that might come up around access.

Part–Time Parking – Students only

  1. Part–time car park rental is unallocated parking and is based on a first come basis in the main car park.
  2. Part–time parking permit holders are not permitted to park before 4.30 pm in the King’s Inns car park.
  3. Only students who have an up–to–date parking permit are allowed park during their assessments at King’s Inns. Students who do not have a valid parking permit will be directed to on street and public car parks in the vicinity.
  4. Your permit only allows you to park from 4.30 pm onwards Monday to Friday and on Saturdays (9 am to 5.30 pm).
  5. Part–time students must remove their cars on Saturdays on or before 5.45 pm, otherwise they may incur the associated costs from our security company.
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