Voluntary Disbarment

Page last updated: Friday, Oct 27, 2023

Barristers transferring to the solicitors’ profession is the main reason barristers seek voluntary disbarment, although there can be others. The General Rules of the Society and the Legal Services Regulation Act, 2015 explicitly prohibits a Barrister being on the Roll of both professions at the same time. 

Disbarment removes the member from the Register of Members of the Society (maintained by King’s Inns) and subsequently from the Roll of Practising Barristers (maintained by the LSRA).

A disbarment application must go before a meeting of the Benchers, who usually meet at the start of each legal term. Meetings do not generally take place at any other time.

  • 2023 Michaelmas Term: 2 October to 21 December
  • 2024 Hilary Term: 11 January to 22 March 
  • 2024 Easter Term: 08 April to 16 May
  • 2024 Trinity Term: 29 May to 31 July
  • 2024 Michaelmas Term: 07 October to 20 December

If you wish to be re–admitted to the barrister profession again in the future, you must apply to be re–admitted and complete another declaration. The application goes before the Benchers and if approved you will be called with the students at that particular time. 

Download the Voluntary Disbarment form >

Forms must be digitally signed and sent to members@kingsinns.ie. Please do not send to any other email. 

Please keep a copy of the form on file for reference.