2020 Fitness Challenge

To encourage some camaraderie while we all work, live and learn through social distancing, King’s Inns is hosting a ‘Fitness Challenge’ during the first term of our academic year. 

We are encouraging our entire community – students, staff, lecturers, visiting speakers, members and alumni, neighbours and suppliers (friends and families of our community are also invited to participate also) – to work together and run, row, swim, cycle, walk, or travel via wheelchair to the COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION!

Now, King’s Inns do not expect you to go there, but the Challenge is to complete 1195km as part of a team between Monday October 12 and Sunday December 13 (maximum 9–weeks / 63–days to complete). 

It is not about reaching the finish line, it is about the journey getting there! Teams can register and join the Challenge at anytime.

Our Member Relations Officer Diane Sutton can assist if you would like help in building a team. Contact her on Twitter at @DianeSutton or email at members@kingsinns.ie.

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The Capuchin Day Centre

75% of the entry fee will be donated directly to The Capuchin Day Centre, a charity that King’s Inns works with on an annual basis. The remaining 25% will go towards spot prizes (see below).

We also have a iDonate page setup which teams can use to seek support from their families and friends in completing this task (optional). 

All funds raised here will go to The Capuchin Day Centre.

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Join the Conversation 

We are encouraging all participants to share their progress on social – TWITTER, FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and LINKEDIN.

Twitter is our preferred social network and here is where most of the activity will take place. 

Please tag @KingsInns in and use the hashtag #KITEAMSPIRIT and we will share many of your posts on our networks. We might have some prizes for the teams who have the most fun competing this challenge! More details to follow.

Team Names 

Updated on: Monday, 2 November 2020

In no particular order

  1. Cirque Du Sore Legs 
  2. Movers and Shakers
  3. Gimli Support Group 
  4. The not–so–young Offenders 
  5. Judge Hardy Men and Women
  6. Eimear and the Pacemakers 
  7. Scales of Justice 
  8. D6W Girls 
  9. The Invisibles
  10. Slow Motions
  11. The Yennusick Team 
  12. Darling Defenders
  13. The M2s 
  14. The Bench Warmers 
  15. Wigs & Wobbles 
  16. Virtual Bar Tearoom 
  17. Little Treasures 
  18. RGB Honorable Hotsteppers
  19. The Runarounds
  20. BBs
  21. Setting the Bar
  22. The Cross Examiners
  23. Ar Nós na Gaoithe
  24. Devil’s Advocates
  25. Settle on the Steps
  26. Hopeless Cases
  27. The Lockdown Lawyers
  28. Unfit to Practice
  29. Covid in Sweat (winner of Best Team Name)
  30. Blockheads
  31. The Boomers
  32. I Fought the Law but the Law Run (winner of Best Team Name)
  33. The Diploma Debutantes
  34. Chasing Briefs

Spot Prizes 

To give some time for teams to register, warm up and build up some distance, we will start awarding spot prizes from Monday 16 November 2020. 

Spot prizes might be given to teams with:

  1. The most creative team name. Winners picked by Bean and Goose Chocolates. 
  2. Most creative updates shared on the above social channels using the hashtag #KITEAMSPIRIT. You must tag us in @KingsInns.
  3. Teams who show they are building up some team spirit and getting to know each other. 
  4. Different ways teammates completed the Challenge – did you swim part of the Irish Sea or in a picturesque lake? Did you hike up some mountains or a jog around a park? Did you bring your partner or kids with you, multitasking while chatting to a teammate? Did you go for a run in the lashing rain… 
  5. We might set some fun and creative Challenges also – details be will announced here and on Social only – no email notices will be given! 

We are building up a range of beautiful prizes – not to be missed! 

Fitness Tips and Motivational Videos 

Let’s Warm Up

Warm up with Beata Zielinska, personal trainer and co–owner of No1FitnessKilcullen.com

Let’s Warm Down

Post exercise tips with Shardé Sebastian, fitness instructor and owner of shardefitness.com

Running Drills 

Running drills with Mariusz Olejniczak, personal trainer and co–owner of No1FitnessKilcullen.com

Pacing Tips

Pacing tips with Shardé Sebastian, fitness instructor and owner of shardefitness.com

Running: Things that happen to your body 

Credit: Natural Solution

Cardio Blast 

Cardio Blast with Shardé Sebastian, fitness instructor and owner of shardefitness.com