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Education: 18 May 2016

A Window into our Diploma in Legal Studies

A Window into our Diploma in Legal Studies

The Diploma in Legal Studies is a two–year course, on which students study the 14 core law subjects essential to practice at the Bar.

Currently in its fourth decade, the Diploma is aimed primarily at people who do not hold a law degree but who would like to qualify as barristers. However, the Diploma also attracts students with a more general interest in the law or who wish to learn more about the law due to the nature of their current career. 

The Diploma boasts a diverse student body, including graduates in disciplines other than law, as well as mature applicants aged 23 years and older. This diversity ensures a vibrant student body, the members of which benefit from one another’s range of experience and go on to enrich the Bar by ensuring that all sections of society are represented in the profession.

Taught by a team of qualified barristers with extensive experience in legal education, the Diploma is a demanding – but rewarding – course. Our excellent lecturers and tutors, our first–rate library and other facilities, and our comprehensive course materials help our students, not only to meet the demands of the Diploma, but also to excel in the further study of law. Diploma graduates have gone on to achieve top places in the entrance examinations for the Barrister–at–Law degree course and on the Barrister–at–Law degree course itself.

The Diploma is taught in a highly interactive manner with special emphasis placed on small group teaching and problem–based learning in tutorials. Passive learning (where students just listen and do not engage with the material) is discouraged; instead, students are encouraged to engage in active learning, particularly in tutorials, where they have an opportunity to apply law learned during lectures and from their own reading. In tutorials, students may be asked to advise fictional clients, moot, debate or give a presentation.

The interactive nature of the Diploma means that regular attendance at lectures and tutorials is essential. However, most lectures are recorded and made available to students on Moodle, our online learning platform. Students can access the recordings remotely at anytime from anywhere provided they have an internet connection. The availability of lecture recordings online obviously facilitates students who may have to miss a lecture from time to time for good reason. More importantly, it is of tremendous assistance for revision purposes, enabling students to revisit lectures when they are preparing for the exams.

The Diploma was recently reviewed by an external panel chaired by the Hon. Mr. Justice Hogan, a judge of the Court of Appeal. The panel concluded, “King’s Inns should be commended very highly for offering a high quality educational programme providing access to legal studies and legal training …” King’s Inns treasures its reputation for providing a superior legal education. We are justifiably proud of the Diploma and are confident that it will continue to flourish in an evolving educational and regulatory landscape. 

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