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Education: 14 March 2017

Applications now open for The Denham Fellowship.

Applications now open for The Denham Fellowship.

The Denham Fellowship, named after The Hon. Mrs. Justice Susan Denham, Chief Justice, assists two aspiring barristers annually who come from socio–economically disadvantaged backgrounds to gain access to professional legal education at the King’s Inns and professional practice at the Law Library.

The Fellowship, which is being run by The Bar of Ireland in association with The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, endeavours to encourage more diversity in the legal profession. Denham Fellows will be provided with financial, educational and professional support from point of entry to the Barrister–at–Law degree programme at the King’s Inns all the way through their first four years of practice at the Law Library culminating in a five year programme and ultimately in what is hopefully going to be a successful, rewarding and long–lasting career at the Bar.

The Denham Fellowship is a standalone programme, however it seeks to act as a follow on from the many and various well–established access routes to third level education that are currently in operation across universities and other Higher Education Institutions in Ireland. With this in mind, the Fellowship seeks to complement existing access initiatives by bridging the gap between higher education and access to professional practice.

The closing date for applications is no later than 5pm, Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Full Fellowship details and the application forms can be viewed on The Bar of Ireland website here.