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Education: 28 August 2021

Develop a practical understanding of the law as it relates to the provision of education in Ireland

Develop a practical understanding of the law as it relates to the provision of education in Ireland

A former teacher and now one of the coordinators of the online law and education course at King’s Inns, Dr Claire O’Connor BL, highlights the benefits of teachers and education officers undertaking this professional development course.

King’s Inns is taking applications for this advanced diploma in Law and Education, which commences on Friday 24 September 2021. Please note there are no admission requirements for this course.

Application Deadline: Midnight on Sunday, 12 September 2021

Comprehensive insight into law and education 

The Advanced Diploma in Law and Education provides a comprehensive insight into the area of law and education. The course equips education professionals with the necessary skillset to understand the law and ultimately seeks to negate any fear that professionals have about the ever–growing litigious environment in schools. 

The advanced diploma has been designed by persons with both an educational background working in schools and with a legal background of running cases as barristers. The result is a course specifically tailored to education professionals including teachers, principals, inspectors, home school liaisons, and those working in the university sector. 

Delivered online

The course has been crafted by persons who understand the realities of working in the education sector. This course takes on board the realities of the modern professional and the time pressures under which they operate. Attendance is required on four weekends during term time. Each weekend comprises a Friday evening lecture and attendance on a Saturday. Students are given an opportunity to directly apply their learning to their working realities in tutorials ensuring that students share their experiences and reflect on how the law affects them in a practical way. This course is delivered via blended online learning; recording of lectures combined with live online tutorials makes this course accessible to professionals all over the country. 

“This course is not only thought–provoking but also extremely exciting. Having the opportunity to talk to leading legal professionals about previous cases, law in our schools and scenarios makes this course both vibrant and beneficial. The depth of knowledge and the level of inquiry undertaken provide a unique learning experience. This course will undoubtedly help my future employment options in education or management.”

Graduate of 2020 – Second Level Teacher

Students on this course are exposed to an excellent teaching team including eminent Senior Counsel and barristers with an expertise in constitutional law, children’s rights, negligence, data protection, freedom of information, employment law and the regulation of teachers. Interaction is encouraged and students are treated to an engaging, vibrant and discursive environment. 

This course also provides students with the keys to unlock a pathway of lifelong learning in respect of the law. In practical terms, students will be aware of the legal obligations underpinning their professional background and will develop a skillset in respect of the avoidance of litigation. This course will intrigue those who are interested in the law and the obligations it imposes on their everyday practice. 

For further information and to apply, please visit the course page here.

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