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General: 30 November 2020

New Editorial Board of the King’s Inns Law Review takes the reins for its 10th Edition

New Editorial Board of the King’s Inns Law Review takes the reins for its 10th Edition

Thirty students from the King’s Inns Diploma in Legal Studies and the degree of Barrister–at–Law courses have formed the new Editorial Board of the King’s Inns Law Review for its tenth sitting. 

The King’s Inns Law Review (KILR) is an annual law journal published independently by the students of King’s Inns. It is dedicated to the publication of Irish, European and international legal scholarship. The core purpose of the Review is the promotion and fostering of legal scholarship, both in King’s Inns and the wider legal community across Ireland and further afield. View their activities here.

King’s Inns would like to wish the new Editorial Board the best of luck with their journey in publishing Volume X. It is so warming to see many people from our diverse student body taking part in the Review this year. With the challenging year we are experiencing, it is imperative to King’s Inns that students stay in touch with each other outside of class time, to interact and participate in many different extra–circular activities we run throughout the year. 

On behalf of King’s Inns, our CEO and Under Treasurer Mary Griffin said:

“The King’s Inns Law Review contributes greatly to the yearly activities at King’s Inns. It brings our student body together and empowers them to learn about the legal and academic publication process. The Board are encouraged to work with the student body, our members and wider alumni community, to seek support and advise from their future colleagues and peers, but remain independent in their activities. 

We look forward to celebrating the 10th Anniversary with them, building on the legacy of the Review, and perhaps, setting a new tone for the next ten–years!”

The 10th Anniversary  

As it is the 10th Anniversary for the publication, the Editorial Board have pulled together a stellar plan of events for the year ahead. For this unique Volume X, a prize of €500 will be given to the best article submitted. While they are accepting articles on all areas of Irish, European, and International Law, The Editorial Board particularly welcome submissions related to this year’s theme of ‘The Irish Administrative State ‘. A further prize of €500 will be awarded for the best submission on this theme. 

Further details on the Call for Submissions can be found here. Deadline for submissions is Monday, 15 February 2021.

Speaking to the new Editors–in–Chief, Cian Henry and Ursula Quill, they are incredibly excited to carry on the tradition of hosting high–quality speaker events this year, bringing the energy and collegiality that attendees experience in King’s Inns to a new online format. The Authors’ Night will be held in January, with guest speakers focusing on legal research to encourage a wide range of submissions for the Law Review. They hope that King’s Inns Law Review will continue to be a preferred port of call for students, practitioners and early career researchers who wish to have their work published. 

They will also be hosting speakers at the Launch Night next June focusing on their chosen theme, and in particular, they will be welcoming back members of former editorial boards for this 10th–anniversary edition.

Cian Henry and Ursula Quill, Editors–in–Chief stated:

“This year, we decided that through our theme, we would direct special attention to the topic of ‘The Irish Administrative State’. In the ten–years since the establishment of the Review, the influence of the administrative state has grown exponentially; indeed, it would be fair to say that the plurality of decisions impacting the legal rights of individuals is made internal to that machinery, often without ever seeing the light of court. 

We believe this is a phenomenon that would benefit from further academic attention and hope that, among other things, this edition can provide a platform for a number of perspectives on this issue.”

The King’s Inns Law Review is grateful for the generous and kind support of its friends and benefactors, many who are members and alumni of King’s Inns, without whom the Review would not be possible. The Editorial Board welcomes donations and contributions to fund the longevity of the Review. 

Further details about the King’s Inns Law Review can be found here:

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Editorial Board (Volume X) 2020 – 2021

Editors–in–Chief – Cian Henry and Ursula Quill 

Managing Editor – Aoife Doonan

Secretary – Joseph Bradley

Treasurer – Matthew Butterly

Outreach Officer – Wafa Rahman

Social Media Officer – Shannon Regan

Production Officer – Lawrence Meade

Sales and Sponsorship – Gregory Murphy

Senior Editors – William Dunne, Ronan McGurrin, Aoife Nic Chraith, Nathalie Neumayer, Diarmuid O’Leary

General Editors – Patrick Barrett, Darragh Bohan, John Brennan, Catey Clarkson, Meghan Elward–Duffy, Kyle Greene, Cormac Hickey, Ciara Landy, Fionnán Long, Darragh McDonagh, Lawrence Morris, Eimear Murphy, Jason Murray, Suzanne Scott, Oisín Vince Coulter, Michael Ward