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Members: 11 June 2021

Introducing the Sizzle BBQ Box, the latest creation from the kitchen of Claire Hanley at King’s Inns

Introducing the Sizzle BBQ Box, the latest creation from the kitchen of Claire Hanley at King’s Inns

The Sizzle BBQ box concept is a creation of Tony Barry, Claire Hanley’s son, a third–year Culinary Entrepreneurship student at TU Dublin. Tony has worked in the kitchen and service with Claire’s team for many years at King’s Inns; many may remember him.

A few months back, Tony approached Claire and her team and asked if he could look at BBQ boxes for the summer. Tony was due to do an apprenticeship in Lyon in France for his last semester this year, but due to COVID–19, this was not possible. It is a difficult time for all in the hospitality and tourism industry, but Claire and her team have welcomed Tony into the kitchen and supported him to create the menus behind Sizzle BBQ.

The Sizzle BBQ box launched softly in early May and has been building up momentum since. A great delivery to receive on a Friday or Saturday to celebrate the arrival of the weekend with friends and family. They even make a delicious gift to send to someone…

What is in the Sizzle BBQ Box? 


The Sizzle BBQ box is the perfect party box, it includes a QR code that brings you to a retro play list and sets the tone for a great garden gathering. Even if the weather is not in your favour, all contents can be cooked in the oven and you can host your Irish garden party indoors.

The Sizzle BBQ box contains everything (nearly) you need to host a memorable BBQ – delicious 100% Irish grass–fed beef burgers, spatchcock free–range chicken, 28–day dry–aged sirloin steak, buttered corn, baked potatoes, lots of sauces, sides and much more…

All you need is to have good vanilla ice cream in the freezer for the BBQ’d Bananas with Kahlúa!

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Complimentary Offer for King’s Inns Community

To celebrate the launch of summer garden parties and the Sizzle BBQ Box, King’s Inns students, members and the wider alumni community will be offered complimentary three salads with their first order. 

This offer is available until Thursday, 15 July 2021.

The three salads are:

  • Herbs and Summer Leaves with Croutons and House Dressing
  • Pasta Salad with Aioli, Pine Nuts and Toasted Peanuts
  • Green Bean Salad with Snow Pea and Feta 

To receive the complimentary salads, go to, click order now and add KIS2021 in the coupon section in the checkout section.

Orders must be placed by 12 noon on Thursdays for deliveries Fridays and Saturday. Delivery is only available in Dublin.

If you have any questions, please contact Tony and team directly via their contact form on the Sizzle BBQ website.