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General: 01 December 2021

Notice of King’s Inns Annual General Meeting 2021

Notice of King’s Inns Annual General Meeting 2021

The Honorable Society of King’s Inns will host its 2021 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 15 December at 5 pm via Zoom. 

Qualified barristers who are subscribing members to King’s Inns are eligible to attend the AGM.

Agenda Items

  1. Minutes of meeting of 10 December 2020 
  2. Matters arising
  3. Chair’s Address and Report of the Honorary Secretary
  4. Financial Statement for year ended 30 June 2021
  5. Election of one non–practising barrister to Council
  6. Draft proposal to amend Rule 7 of the General Rules of The Honorable Society of the King’s Inns, pursuant to Rule 47 of these Rules, Rule 7.4 In the event that in any election there are insufficient candidates to fill all the vacancies, then the provisions relating to the filling of casual vacancies shall apply.
  7. Any other business

To request Papers and Register to attend the AGM online, please email

Zoom invitation will only be sent to those members that register to attend the meeting.