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Members: 05 February 2022

LSRA survey for recently qualified barristers who are currently not practising

LSRA survey for recently qualified barristers who are currently not practising

In February 2022, the Legal Services Regulatory Authority, Ireland (LSRA) along with independent research company Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A), is carrying out an online anonymised survey of recently qualified barristers and solicitors who have chosen not to practise at this time.

The survey responses will inform research and a report to the Minister for Justice on economic and other barriers faced by early career solicitors and barristers.

Who is this survey for and what is it about?

If you qualified as a barrister or solicitor in or after 2014 and you are currently not practising, LSRA would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey. They really want to hear about your experience of the professions and why you decided not to practise at this time. This includes people who qualified and never practised and also people who did practise for a time in the past, but are not currently practising.

This survey asks questions about respondents’ views and experiences of the legal professions to help the LSRA better understand barriers facing early career legal professionals and why people who have recently qualified as barristers and solicitors decide not to practise.

The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary. Survey results will be reviewed in aggregate anonymous form as a statistical report by B&A, and will not be linked back to respondents in any way.

The survey will close on Friday, 18 February 2022.

Take the survey 

To learn more about the survey, visit the LSRA website.