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Events: 05 October 2023

Event: DG Translation Virtual Visit of 2023

Event: DG Translation Virtual Visit of 2023

The aim of these virtual events is to bring together master students in translation and translators working for the European Commission to offer a sneak peek into the work of DGT.

During these virtual visits, our professional translators share their experience and answer questions in interactive virtual rooms.  Students also learn about translation tools and methods used in the European Commission, the required skills for translators, the various translation profiles, as well as career and traineeship opportunities in the European Commission.

The programme will include :

  • a main part about the work of translators in the European Commission and career opportunities in English, and
  • breakout rooms for each of the 24 EU languages where students can ask questions, interact and discuss with our translators.

How and when to register?

Please note that places are limited to 1000 connections and registration will be validated on a first come first served basis. In case the maximum number of registrations are reached before the deadline, the registration will be closed earlier than 10 November.

Register here to the DG Translation Autumn Virtual Visit by 10 November 2023.