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Events: 24 October 2023

Event: Meet the Regulator

Event: Meet the Regulator

Meet the Regulator

King’s Inns Main Building – Upper Lecture Room

Start time: 4.30pm

Finish time: 6.00pm

King’s Inns are pleased to welcome Dr. Brian Doherty, Chief Executive Officer of the Legal Service Regulatory Authority. Dr. Doherty was called to the Bar in 1996 and has been CEO of the LSRA since 2017. Law professionals can learn more about a number of topics including how the LSRA regulates the professions and sets standards, how they are funded, how they handle complaints, what your levy is for, the Roll of Practising Barristers and Insurance Obligations. Assisted by Padraig Langan, Head of Registration, Levy and Fees Unit. 

­­­­There will be ample opportunity for Q&A, and time to mingle with your peers.

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Dining will take place after the event, and can be booked below HERE!

Note: Dining on this occasion will be open to all talk attendees, at the special Barrister rate of €55, you do not need to be a subscribing member.