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Education: 29 November 2023

King’s Inns Registrar: University Visits 2023

King’s Inns Registrar: University Visits 2023

In 2023, King’s Inns strengthened partnerships with Legal Faculties and Law Schools in Ireland

The Registrar of King’s Inns, Marcella Higgins, visited major Irish universities that offer accredited qualifications for the Barrister–at–law entrance exam. 

Presentations, Q&A sessions, and one–on–one discussions were part of these visits. The visits usually also include presentations by a member of the Law Library and occasionally by a barrister who works in–house. 

See below some of the visits that happened in the second semester of 2023:

Faculty of Law at Griffith College Ireland

Griffith 2

Marcella Higgins at the Law Faculty last night for an enjoyable and informative talk with students across the Blended Learning, Dublin and Cork campus deliveries on the rewards, challenges and processes for progressing to a career at the Bar.

‘’A warm welcome and a most interesting and enjoyable evening at Griffith College. Special thanks to John Eardly, Karen Sutton, Gary Moloney, and faculty members that organised the evening and attended in person and online. Thanks to the students who participated and engaged in exchanges on attending King’s Inns and the different career opportunities that open up for barristers.’’

Marcella Higgins, King’s Inns Registrar 

South East Technological University – Carlow Campus

SETU Carlow

Marcella Higgins, King’s Inns Registrar, had the opportunity to visit for the first time the South East Technological University – SETU Carlow Campus, since the change of status and name. It was uplifting to find the great developments in facilities being matched by the ambitious plans and thoughts of staff and students.

‘’Thanks to John Tully, Programme Director, for organising the opportunity to interact with students on becoming and practising as a barrister in the courts or in a wide variety of career paths in the public and private sectors. Thanks also to Brian Casey, Head of Department of Humanities, Sadhb Reddy, and Kate Woods Lecturers in Law for an interesting discussion on education, qualifications, starting out, and evolving careers.’’
Marcela Higgins

The education and training offered by King’s Inns through the Barrister–at–Law degree courses build on the excellent teaching at SETU Carlow. Students engaged in clarifying requirements and course content on King’s Inns courses following completion of their law degrees at SETU. 

Technological University of the Shannon Athlone 

TU Shannon

Marcella Higgins was delighted to address Business and Law students in Technological University of the Shannon Athlone – ‘’such a well organised, fruitful day at Athlone campus of TUS in a lively engagement with students and later informative lunch meeting with TUS President Professor Vincent Cunnane and staff. It was a great opportunity for to tell and take questions about King’s Inns Barrister course and the wide variation of career paths taken by barristers.’’ 

It was a lively presentation by Ms Rachel Meagher BL on the life of a practising barrister. Thanks to Dr Alison Sheridan for ensuring a productive day for all in a warm and welcoming centre of learning.