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LSDSI: 04 December 2023

Meet this year’s Committee of the Law Students’ Debating Society of Ireland

Meet this year’s Committee of the Law Students’ Debating Society of Ireland

After a great election campaign between the Diploma and Degree students of King’s Inns for the 2023–2024 Auditor of the Law Students’ Debating Society of Ireland (LSDSI), they elected Barrister–at–Law Modular 2 student Norah O’Brien.

Since her election, Norah has assembled a committee to support her in the LSDSI yearly activities. The committee is made up of students from the Diploma in Legal Studies and degree of Barrister–at–Law courses.

Auditor – Norah O’Brien

Norah O’Brien graduated from the University of Limerick in 2021 with a First Class Honours in Law and History.

Apart from studying at King’s Inns, she currently works as a Judicial Assistant to a Judge in the High Court, and aims to specialise in the future in Civil Litigation with a focus on Medical Negligence.

Secretary  Shannon O’Sullivan 

(Barrister–at–Law Modular 2 student).

Treasurer – Liam Taylor 

(Barrister–at–Law – Full time student)

Events Officer – Joanne Padden & Estelle Casadesus Switzer

Joanne Padden (Barrister–at–Law Full time student) & Estelle Casadesus Switzer (Barrister–at–Law Modular 1 student)

Sports Officer – Hugh Leavy 

(Barrister–at–Law Modular 2)

Student Officer – Krizia Testa 

(Diploma in Legal Studies student) 

Accessibility officer – Alannah Murray

(Diploma in Legal Studies student )

Fundraising Officer – Lesley Bell 

(Diploma in Legal Studies student)


About the LSDSI

The Law Students’ Debating Society of Ireland (LSDSI) is a student–run body originally formed as a debating society in 1830. Over the years, it has evolved and now represents all facets of student life at King’s Inns. 

The LSDSI benefits from considerable support and direction from King’s Inns.

Further details on the LSDSI can be found HERE >