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Education: 04 March 2024

2024 Maidens’ Moot

2024 Maidens’ Moot

Ciara Quinn, full–time Barrister–at–Law student, (L) with Ms Justice Teresa Pilkington, Mr Justice Paul Burns & Ms Justice Mary Rose Gearty.

maidens mootImage 2: Assistant moot coordinator Morgane Conaty BL with Fionnbarra O’Callaghan (mod 1), Ms Justice Teresa Pilkington, Mr Justice Paul Burns, Ms Justice Mary Rose Gearty, Ciara Quinn (full–time degree course) and moot coordinator Gary Moloney BL
maidens moot kiImage 3: Ciara Quinn and Fionnbarra O’Callaghan.

The Maiden’s Moot

The Maidens’ Moot is held in the first term and is aimed at those who have little or no prior experience of mooting: it is open to any student in the King’s Inns who have never mooted before or those who have never progressed past the first round of a single competition.

The appellant and the respondent each have eight minutes to present their arguments, and then each side has two minutes for rebuttal. 

The Maidens’ Moot is a fantastic opportunity for all students to learn about mooting, enjoy the experience and develop their advocacy skills. The emphasis of this competition is on feedback from the moot judges, who are experienced mooters and will assist with improving the participants’ mooting skills. The first round of the Maidens’ competition is reserved as a practice round (i.e. it is not a knock–out round, and the focus is on feedback for the mooters), so all mooters get an opportunity to find their feet and receive feedback before the competition proper. The final is judged by judges of the superior courts, giving the finalists an excellent chance to argue a case before a real judge early in their advocacy career.