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Events: 12 March 2024

King’s Inns Academic Open Day 2024

King’s Inns Academic Open Day 2024

Did you miss the King’s Inns Academic Open Day?

Check out some of the highlights from the event, where we welcomed potential students for the Diploma in Legal Studies and the Degree of Barrister–at–Law to experience a day on campus. 

Prospect students had the opportunity to meet some of the student body from the LSDSI as well as members of the teaching team, hear from our staff on the course prerequisites, course content, and entrance exams, & learn more about King’s Inns’ history. Information about our scholarships and prizes was also available.

They also had the chance to attend career talks and learn from Barristers Róisín O’Mara BL, Aran Grealish BLHugh McGowan BL, and Rebecca Coen BL, who kindly agreed to be our guests and share their experiences in the legal field.

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