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Education: 16 May 2024

Meet the Teaching Team: Jason Murray BL, lecturer on the Diploma in Legal Studies

Meet the Teaching Team: Jason Murray BL, lecturer on the Diploma in Legal Studies

King’s Inns is proud of its highly qualified faculty team. All tutors and lecturers on the King’s Inns teaching team have impressive qualifications, including many LLMs as well as several PhDs from reputable universities worldwide. Tutors and lecturers are also qualified Barristers, and therefore have a keen understanding of how the law works in the real world.

In our ‘’Meet the Teaching Team’’ post series, you will get the chance to meet some of the members of the King’s Inns faculty.

Meet the Teaching Team

#1 Jason Murray BL

  jason murray

Jason Murray BL teaches Equity and the Law of Trusts in the second year of the Diploma in Legal Studies. He also teaches on the Civil Practice panel on the Degree of Barrister–at–Law. His predominant practice field is Employment Law. Jason graduated from DIT (now TUD) in 2011 after studying automotive and transport engineering and management. 

He graduated from King’s Inns’ Diploma in Legal Studies in 2015 and its Degree of Barrister–at–Law in 2016, after which he was called to The Bar of Ireland. Jason also completed King’s Inns’ Advanced Diploma in Applied Employment Law in 2019.

Of the Diploma in Legal Studies, Jason says:

“There are two standout benefits that students get from the course. The first is non–academic and it is the sense of camaraderie that is developed during the Diploma. This is a vital skill, as collegiality is one of the cornerstones of practice at the Bar. The biggest academic benefit is the development of legal research skills that are developed throughout the Diploma.” 

“The progression of students from commencing in the Diploma to becoming colleagues at the Bar” is what Jason most appreciates about teaching on the course.

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