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Job Vacancies/Opportunities : 07 June 2024

#JobOpportunity: Head of Strategic and Digital Policy (AP) at CCPC

#JobOpportunity: Head of Strategic and Digital Policy (AP) at CCPC

Role Summary

The PRI Division is seeking to recruit a Head of Strategic and Digital Policy to expand our policy function.

The CCPC is expanding its portfolio and capacities and adapting to the digital shift. It has received and expects to receive more responsibilities. The CCPC must be able to engage early with policy and legislative proposals to enable it to meet these new responsibilities in a strategic and proactive way. It also needs to be able to influence policy and regulation development across a wide range of areas. This will ensure that the mandate and remit of the CCPC remains consistent and holistic, so we can deliver on our mission to promote competition and enhance consumer welfare.

Digital regulation is a rapidly expanding discipline. The CCPC needs to recruit and develop a broad range of digital regulatory skills at pace. The CCPC has a broad and complex remit, in part due to the “Country of Origin” principle, and the existing and planned suite of legislative files being implemented is continually evolving. The CCPC is also part of a regulatory framework that aims to ensure a horizontal, coherent, and consistent application of digital regulation in Ireland.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage the CCPC’s mandate management policy, to ensure a coherent and robust remit for the CCPC in our functions including competition, consumer protection, digital regulation and data regulation.
  • Identify, conduct analysis, and make recommendations to the Director and Commission Members on the impact of new legislative or policy proposals to the CCPC’s work and on consumers and fair markets.
  • Represent the CCPC through formal and informal cooperation with national and international stakeholders, including digital regulators.
  • Engage closely with CCPC divisions that are implementing digital regulation (e.g. Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act).
  • Engage closely with Departments and, if necessary, the European Commission on necessary legislation and policy for digital regulation.
  • Influence policy makers on digital regulation to ensure cohesive implementation of digital regulation to assist the delivery of Harnessing Digital – the Digital Ireland Framework.
  • Track and report on the impact of digital regulation on the delivery of CCPC’s Strategy Statement.
  • Participate in and co–develop Ireland’s national digital regulatory cooperation in Ireland’s Digital Regulators Group.
  • Participate in national forums responsible for inter–regulatory cooperation such as the Digital Regulators’ Group (the CCPC, Coimisiún na Meán, the Commission for Communications Regulation and the Data Protection Commission)
  • Engage with national and international stakeholders such as academics, policy experts, sectoral regulators, Government Departments, and institutions.
  • Promote the Vision, Mission, and Values of the CCPC that will pro–actively contribute to the CCPC achieving its strategic objectives.
  •  Carry out any other additional tasks that may be assigned to deliver the business objectives of the Division and the CCPC

How to apply

Closing date: 12noon Thursday 27 June 2024

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