ON THE MOVE Challenge

Page last updated: Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Now in its third season, King’s Inns is hosting its popular ON THE MOVE Challenge from October to December this year.

Participants can use a variety of exercise methods (walk, run, row, swim, skate, cycle, travel via wheelchair – to name just a few!) to reach a virtual destination. All students, members, staff and alumni are invited to participate as well as friends and family.

This year the distance is from King’s Inns to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague (Netherlands), in honour of our fantastic Moot winners this year, a target of 1100 km.

Here are a few things you should know!

  • This Challenge is not just about reaching the distance, it is more about the journey getting to the destination.
  • Registration is now CLOSED. Event opened October 10 and closed December 4 (a total of 56 days/8 weeks). 
  • You can have 2 to 6 people on your team to help reach the goal.
  • Give your team a Team Name.
  • Our Member Relations Officer Diane can help you put together a team, or join an existing team. See details below.
  • We do not expect you to travel to the ICC, just to try and reach the goal, a  distance of 1100 km. You could even attempt this from the comfort of your own home on an exercise bike or rower or playing with your kids. 
  • Teams can choose their own tracking devices and apps (optional) to keep a track of their distance travelled. Your Team Captain should keep track of the distance and send in once you have reached the destination.
  • All your hard work is in aid of the Capuchin Day Centre.

Our focus is on fun, getting outdoors, building camaraderie and bringing our community together. We are encouraging our entire community – students, staff, lecturers, visiting speakers, members and alumni, neighbours and suppliers to take part. Friends, family and even your pets are most welcome! 

We particularly encourage students to make connections, and mix their team with barristers and other professionals in practise.

Registration now closed

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The Capuchin Day Centre

  • Money raised will be donated to the Capuchin Day Centre, a charity that King’s Inns works with on an annual basis.
  • We have an iDonate page setup, which teams can use to seek support from their families and friends in completing this task (optional). 
  • All funds raised here will go to the Capuchin Day Centre.


Team Names 

Team names last updated: Thursday, October 27, 2022

  • Is it 2023 Yet?
  • Run Track Minds
  • CantFeelMeLegsSal
  • Alpha
  • Cirque Du Sore Legs
  • The Runaround’s

Spot Prizes

Our challenge is not all about winning, but it’s always nice to be rewarded, right? So with this in mind we are currently working with partners on a range of beautiful Spot Prizes for this year’s event.

  1. Best Doggie Mascot – sponsored by makeeco.ie 
  2. Picturesque Location
  3. Creative Team Name
  4. Unique team journey – different ways teammates completed the Challenge – did you swim part of the Irish Sea or in a picturesque lake? Did you hike up some mountains or a jog around a park? Did you bring your partner or kids with you, multitasking while chatting to a teammate? Did you go for a run in the lashing rain… 
  5. Team spirit – teams who show they are building up some team spirit and getting to know each other – sponsored by iconhealthclubs.ie. Keep an eye out for a FREE Spin class at 1escape *COMING SOON*


Teams can choose their own tracking devices and apps to keep a track of their distance travelled. Once you reach the destination, Your Team Captain should email in proof of reaching the target completed by their team.

If your team can only complete half the distance in the timeframe but during the process you have some fun, build some #KITEAMSPIRIT and get to know each other, we see that team as a winner.

Fitness Tips and Motivational Videos

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Join the Conversation

Don’t forget to share your progress on social (TWITTER, FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and LINKEDIN).

Twitter is our preferred social network for this Challenge.

Please tag @KingsInns in your photos and use the hashtag #KITEAMSPIRIT #KIONTHEMOVE and we will share your posts on our networks. We have some prizes for the teams who have the most fun competing this challenge! See below.

Help to build your team

Our Member Relations Officer Diane Sutton can assist if you would like help in building a team. Email Diane at MEMBERS@KINGSINNS.IE or contact on Twitter at @DIANESUTTON_. Or place a message up on Twitter by tagging us in a tweet and we will share on our network to help you build a team.