Advanced Diploma in Corporate, White–Collar and Regulatory Crime

Course available via blended learning.

Over recent years discussion on crime has gradually focused more on corporate, white–collar and regulatory crime and has moved away from the more traditional “street crimes” that graced the front pages. This shift is primarily due to the fallout from the international financial crisis and the profound impact this has had on the economy. There exists a heightened awareness of the catastrophic effects that offences of this nature can have on society. According to a PwC global economic crime survey, which was the most comprehensive study of its kind, “it comes as no surprise to learn that economic crime – such as fraud, IP infringement, corruption, cybercrime, or accounting fraud – continues to be a major concern for organisations of all sizes, across all regions and in virtually every sector”. One in three organisations reports being hit by economic crime. Consequently, white–collar crime is an area of increasing importance.

This Diploma addresses both the procedural and the substantive law that applies to corporate, white–collar and regulatory crime.

Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

This unique Diploma provides participants with a comprehensive practical knowledge of the main areas of corporate, white–collar and regulatory crime, so that participants will be equipped to deal with the main issues in practice in what is an emerging area of law of increasing significance for many sectors and interests within the State. Participants will acquire a practical in–depth knowledge of the issues facing regulators, prosecutors, investigators, companies, practitioners and law reformers in this area.

Course Content

  • Course introduction and contemporary issues regarding corporate enforcement in Ireland (attendance in person required)
  • Individual and corporate criminal liability and corporate manslaughter
  • Issues of prosecuting and defending white collar crime (attendance in person required)
  • An analysis of regulatory crime: offences, defences and procedure
  • An introduction to sentencing white collar criminals
  • Advanced overview of sentencing and ancillary orders
  • Corruption: offences, investigations and prosecutions
  • Proceeds of Crime Acts and regulatory laws
  • Company Law compliance and enforcement
  • Financial regulation and administrative sanctions
  • Culture and compliance in the financial services sector
  • The criminal process in Ireland
  • The Regulation of Lobbying
  • Managing Ireland’s whistleblowing laws
  • The Companies Registration Office
  • Investigating corporate crime
  • Enforcement issues: combatting criminal cartels
  • Sentencing trends in tax cases
  • Prosecution of serious tax offences
  • The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau
  • Money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Proving documents at trial
  • Fraud offences
  • Regulatory offences and enforcement: a reform orientated perspective
  • Internation trends: the view from the US and UK
  • Revision (attendance in person required)

Course Delivery

Delivery is in part–time mode through the medium of lectures and seminars presented by leading experts in the area. The course will take place in two–hourly sessions over 20 weeks on Thursdays 6–8pm.There will be guest lectures from individuals with specialist knowledge and/or senior prosecuting or defence lawyers including contributions from Remy Farrell SC, Patrick Gageby SC, Shane Murphy SC, Patrick McGrath SC amongst others.  

This course will also be available via blended learning, with many classes recorded using e–learning software and made available to students for streaming via our student intranet system. This means that, while all students are welcome and encouraged to attend class in person, some of the sessions will be recorded so that students who are based outside Dublin or who are otherwise unable to attend can catch up on the material by streaming the video in their own time. Lecture videos require an internet connection to be streamed.

Attendance in person will be required for registration and for certain classes where it is not possible / suitable to record the session. 

Course Start Date: Thursday 11 October 2018

Application Deadline: Monday 17 September 2018


Assessment is by means of one assignment and one Open Book examination.

Who should attend

The Diploma will appeal to legal practitioners and policy–makers with an interest in corporate, white–collar and regulatory crime. It will also appeal to suitably qualified non–legal professionals, including company directors, financial and insurance sectors, accounting bodies, regulatory bodies, HR practitioners, IR practitioners, members of An Garda Síochána, civil servants and trade union officials.


Fees can be viewed here

How to apply 

Applications are made here

Lecturers Include (Provisional / Indicative List):

  • Dr Joe McGrath
  • Edward Doocey BL
  • Remy Farrell SC
  • Patrick Gageby SC
  • Patrick McGrath SC
  • Shane Murphy SC
  • Sean Geurin SC
  • Dr Elaine Byrne BL
  • Gráinne Duggan BL
  • James Dwyer BL
  • Kenan Furlong (A&L Goodbody)
  • DI Catharina Gunne
  • Mary Kiely (Revenue Commissioners)
  • Seorise Ó Dúnlaing BL
  • Tom O’Malley BL
  • David McFadden (Companies Registration Office)
  • Declan O’Reilly (Criminal Assets Bureau)
  • Barry Robinson (Deloitte)
  • Dara Robinson (Sheehan and Partners)
  • Lorcán Staines BL
  • Ciarán Walker (Consultant Eversheds Sutherland formerly of Central Bankof Ireland)
  • Professor Shane Kilcommins
  • Fiona Phelan (Revenue Commissioners)
  • Speakers from the ODCE


Testimonials from Past Students

Tom Conlon

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Advanced Diploma in Corporate, Regulatory and White Collar Crime. The lecturers from various regulatory agencies were able to share their invaluable practical knowledge and experience. The academic side to the course was stimulating and never repetitive. I would recommend the course to law students, investigators and the experienced legal professional alike.” (Class of 2015–2016)

Tom Conlon, Prosecution Solicitor.

Edward Doyle

“An excellent course which sets out the challenges and approaches with corporate supervision and enforcement. Covering both the relevant legal frameworks and case law – it is presented in a manner accessible to the non lawyer yet very comprehensive for those seeking advanced and specialist understanding. The format also is very compatible with full time employment.” (Class of 2015–2016)

Edward Doyle, VP Financial Crime Strategy BAE Systems.