Kings Inn

Elevation of West Front (King’s Inns) by Michael Craig, 2001

In the early 1790s, King’s Inns was obliged to leave the buildings at Inns Quay (now the location of the Four Courts) that it had occupied from 1541. Some years elapsed before James Gandon was commissioned (in 1800) to produce drawings for the dining hall and library at Constitution Hill. This commission became “a favourite study” for Gandon and was to be his last public building in Dublin.

This print (No 5 in a series of five prints) is limited to an edition of 300 with each print individually numbered and signed by the renowned graphic artist Michael Craig.

Michael Craig has exhibited frequently in Dublin and also at the Royal Academy in London. Some of his best–known works are the architectural views of buildings in the definitive series of Irish postage stamps as well as the series of stamps depicting the treasures of Ireland. He is the author of two illustrated books, Fish out of Water and, with Maurice Craig, Mausolea Hf’bernica.

Print dimensions: 16inches by 16inches (square).

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