About King’s Inns

Who we are

Based between Henrietta Street and Constitution Hill in Dublin 1, The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, founded in 1541, is Ireland’s Oldest School of Law. King’s Inns provides professional legal education and training for people wishing to become barristers. The School also reaches a broader community by offering a wide range of part time and blended / online courses in specialist areas of the law.

Today, while the primary focus of the law school is the education and training of barristers, the Society’s Diploma in Legal Studies course is also very popular and we run numerous advanced diploma courses in various areas of law as well as promoting the use of the Irish language in the law. In all it does, the Society aims to be effective, dynamic and modern in practice, while cherishing and integrating many of the traditions from the time of its establishment in the 16th Century.

The School of Law at King’s Inns is the oldest formally established institution of professional legal education in Ireland. Its reputation is international and it has a long list of eminent graduates including former Presidents of Ireland, Taoisigh, politicians, leading academics, many leaders and advocates across other professions, and, of course, judges and barristers in practise throughout the English–speaking world.

Our Mission

To excel in the provision of both professional and academic legal education and training and to develop and nurture lifelong relationships with our entire membership.

Members of King’s Inns

King’s Inns comprises of benchers, barristers and students. The benchers include all the judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court and a number of elected barristers. Many of the world–famous legal and political leaders over the past centuries have been members of King’s Inns, or former participants in our legal education courses.

Our members can be grouped under the following broad categories:

  • Practising barristers who are members of the Law Library;
  • Practising barristers who are not members of the Law Library;
  • Benchers, including elected Bar Benchers, ex officio Judicial Benchers (who include all judges of the Superior Courts) and Honorary Benchers;
  • Circuit Court and District Court judges who have been admitted to the degree of Barrister–at–Law;
  • Qualified barristers who do not come within any of the above four categories;
  • Degree students who have paid tuition fees.

Subscribing members may avail of commons and use the Society’s Library or other premises. All members* are entitled to become subscribing members.

*Graduates who are disbarred or voluntary removed from the role of qualified barristers at King’s Inns are not eligible to become subscribing members.

Our Vision

To further develop King’s Inns as a modern twenty–first century institution, which is a centre of excellence in the provision of legal education and training, and to have a value and significance for its membership who promote the importance of the rule of law in a modern democracy.