About King’s Inns

Who we are

Based between Henrietta Street and Constitution Hill in Dublin 1, The Honorable Society of King’s Inns (King’s Inns) is an independent educational institution renowned for professional legal education and training. Established in 1541, we are Ireland’s Oldest School of Law and one of Ireland’s significant historical environments.

King’s Inns is Ireland’s ‘Inn of Court’, training and admitting legal professionals who wish to be awarded the degree of Barrister–at–Law necessary to be called to the Bar by the Chief Justice of Ireland.

As well as educating future and qualified barristers, the School extends its reach to a diverse community of people from legal and non–legal backgrounds offering a range of accessible part–time courses in specialist areas of the law.

Our Mission

To excel in the provision of both professional and academic legal education and training, and to develop and nurture lifelong relationships with our entire membership.

With courses taught by expert law practitioners, King’s Inns students include leaders, advocates, innovators and game–changers, from industries across Ireland and abroad. The School is also a centre of excellence in promoting the use of the Irish language in the law. View our educational offering here.

King’s Inns is a magnificent venue and is available for private and corporate events, and as a location set for cinema productions and television programmes. It has over 200 years of experience in hosting and welcoming guests to our Dining Hall. More details can be found here.

In all it does, the Society aims to be effective, dynamic and modern in practice, while cherishing and integrating many of the traditions from the time of its establishment in the 16th century.

Our History

Founded in 1541, the School of Law at King’s Inns is the oldest formally established institution of professional legal education in Ireland. Our reputation is international and eminent graduates include former Presidents of Ireland, Taoisigh, politicians, leading academics, many leaders and advocates across other professions, and, of course, judges and barristers in practise throughout the English–speaking world.

King’s Inns history is significant with a diverse legal and cultural heritage and a Library that houses over 110,000 volumes. We actively preserve and showcase our heritage and magnificent architecture through the many cultural and arts projects we operate. View them here.

We are a Charity Organisation

Governed by our Trustees and members of Council, King’s Inns is a registered charity with the Charities Regulator of Ireland.

CHY (Revenue) Number: 13709

Our objectives are

  1. the promotion and advancement of learning in the law,
  2. the education and training of members of the Society in the law,
  3. the protection and furtherance of the reputation and standing of the degree of Barrister–at–Law,
  4. the preservation of the heritage that is comprised in the King’s Inns, its buildings, library, furnishings and environs,
  5. to ensure the fitness of persons to practise as or to hold themselves out as barristers prior to and, subject to Part 6 of the Legal services Regulation Act 2015, after their call to the Bar.

Further details can be found on the Charities Regulator website here.

Our Vision

To further develop King’s Inns as a modern twenty–first century institution, which is a centre of excellence in the provision of legal education and training, and to have a value and significance for its membership who promote the importance of the rule of law in a modern democracy.

Members of King’s Inns

King’s Inns comprises of benchers, barristers and students. The benchers include all the judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and High Court and a number of elected barristers.

Our members can be grouped under the following broad categories:

  • Practising barristers who are members of the Law Library;
  • Practising barristers who are not members of the Law Library;
  • Benchers, including elected Bar Benchers, ex officio Judicial Benchers (who include all judges of the Superior Courts) and Honorary Benchers;
  • Circuit Court and District Court judges who have been admitted to the degree of Barrister–at–Law;
  • Qualified barristers who do not come within any of the above four categories;
  • Degree of Barrister–at–Law students who have paid tuition fees.

Subscribing members can avail of a number of benefits including Commons and use of the Society’s Library. All members* are entitled to become subscribing members. View more details here.

*Graduates who are disbarred or voluntary removed from the Register of Members of the Society are not eligible to become subscribing members.