Donations & Partnership

Governed by our Trustees and members of Council, King’s Inns is a non–for–profit educational institution. We are registered with the Charities Regulator of Ireland

CHY (Revenue) Number: 13709

Our objectives

  1. The promotion and advancement of learning in the law.
  2. The education and training of members of the Society in the law.
  3. The protection and furtherance of the reputation and standing of the degree of Barrister–at–Law.
  4. The preservation of the heritage that is comprised in King’s Inns, its buildings, library, furnishings and environs.
  5. To ensure the fitness of persons to practise as or to hold themselves out as barristers prior to and, subject to Part 6 of the Legal services Regulation Act 2015, after their call to the Bar.

Further details can be found on the Charities Regulator website >

How to give to King’s Inns 

There are many ways in which you can make a gift to us. We can accept private and corporate donations for:

  • McCarthy Bursary for the degree of Barrister–at–Law. Support and donate online >
  • Our scholarship and prize fund for our educational offering.
  • Our member activities that are deigned to give back to our community and the wider legal profession.
  • Our library conservation–restoration project. Support and donate online >
  • The development and preservation of the heritage that is comprised in King’s Inns.
  • Other cultural and arts projects we run.
  • Another project you might have in mind. 

Library Donations

The King’s Inns Library welcomes the donations of journals and other material of relevance to its users. Donations which would support current teaching and complement the existing legal collection are particularly welcome. Historically the Library has benefited from donations which have contributed to the development of the collection. 

Further details can be found below. 


No matter how straightforward your question and regardless of the size of the gift you have in mind, we are here to help.

Donations and sponsorship are governed by the General Rules of the Society. If you would like advice or guidance about your philanthropic donation or bequests, please do not hesitate to contact the CEO and Under Treasurer directly.

Contact: Mary Griffin, CEO and Under Treasurer 


Telephone: + 353 1 874 4840

Address: Henrietta Street, Dublin 1, Ireland D01 KF59

Information on Donations


If you are a taxpayer in Ireland, King’s Inns can claim tax relief on donations of between €250 and €1m made in a calendar year by individual donors (PAYE & Self Assessed, regardless of marginal tax rate). 

If you would like to participate in this Scheme, please download the CHY3 Form from Revenue. The form, which only takes minutes to complete, should be returned to our office via email or by post, addressed to the Under Treasurer. Once you sign it, the new enduring tax relief form will last for five years.

Depending on the level of tax you have paid in the year King’s Inns can claim up to 31% tax relief so for example, a gift of €250 is worth €362 when we successfully claim the tax back from the Revenue. 

Companies can deduct their donations as an allowable expense. Please speak to your accountant. 

Revenue Charities Donation Scheme >

Library Donation Policy 

Due to cost and space restraints it will not be possible to accept all donated material.

Donated material will be assessed according to the criteria governing the selection of new material:

Conditions of Acceptance

  • The Library prefers to discuss donations with all potential donors in the first instance. Donated material may only be delivered to the Library following discussion and agreement with the Librarian / Library Committee and subject to the availability of appropriate storage space.
  • It is a condition of acceptance that the Library reserves the right to retain or dispose of any donated material.
  • The location of donated material will be decided by the Library.
  • Donated items will be catalogued, processed, integrated into the existing collection and made available to users in the same way as all other Library acquisitions.

Acceptance Guidelines

Material donated to the Library should:

  • be relevant to the actual or potential needs of its users.
  • be in acceptable physical condition.
  • be current (i.e. have recent publication date), unless the material is of historical value or of special interest to the King’s Inns.
  • not duplicate material already available in the Library. The only exception to this would be where additional copies of an item would meet a current demand.

Material not accepted will include:

  • Old editions of textbooks.
  • Journals available electronically via the Library’s subscription databases (however in the case of rare or unique material exceptions may be made).
  • Short / incomplete journal runs (however in the case of rare or unique material exceptions may be made).

The Library welcomes donations from members of The Honorable Society of King’s Inns of legal or historical publications authored or edited by them.

All donations will have a bookplate inserted acknowledging the donor.