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Page last updated: Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Do you like reading books? More importantly, do you love discussing your reads with fellow readers? Our Librarian and Dean are hosting a Book Club for students, members and the wider King’s Inns community.

Here’s how it will work

  • We will organise about five meetings in the course of the academic year, via Zoom. Meetings will take place in the evening, at a time when we hope most of you will be able to attend.
  • We will read books related to law or by legal authors, but NO textbooks or academic books. We may also include some books related to other topics.
  • You do not need to read the whole book in order to come along to the meeting but just be aware that there may be spoilers during the chat about the book if you haven’t got to the end by the time we meet online.
  • You do not have to attend every meeting, please sign up at any time to come along to the next book club meeting.

How to get involved for 2022 – 2023


First Book Club

The first Book Club meeting of the academic and legal year 2022–2023 took place on Monday, November 7. It was great to be joined by new members and welcome back a few familiar faces. 

The book discussed was “LESSONS FROM THE BENCH” by Judge Gillian Hussey, Gill Books (2022), which generated a lot of discussion! 

Second Book Club

The second meeting of the year took place on Monday, January 16, 2023. The book discussed was “NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH“ by The Secret Barrister, Pan Macmillan (2022).

Most of the members really enjoyed this well–written engaging book, the trials and tribulations of a being a pupil barrister in England resonated with many, both newly qualified and experienced! 

Third Book Club 

The third meeting of the year took place on Monday, February 27. The book discussed was THE LAST COLONY by Phillipe Sands, Weidenfeld & Nicolson (2022).

‘The Last Colony’ by Phillipe Sands was a resounding success on many fronts! A book that some of our members were initially hesitant about reading received glowing reviews and ignited an interest in reading and learning more about international law, geo–politics and diplomacy, as well as other titles by the author – a win for any book club selection!

Fourth Book Club 

The fourth meeting of the year took place on Monday, April 17. As we received an equal tie while selecting the last book, the fourth book discussed was THE MANDELA BRIEF‘ by Thomas Grant, Hachette (2022).

It was another evening of great chats at the King’s Inns book club, discussing the biography of renowned advocate Sydney Kentridge.

Fifth Book Club

The next and final book club meeting of the academic and legal year will take place on Monday, June 12, at 7 pm via Zoom.

We surveyed current book club subscribers to select the next book to read. By a clear majority, the winner was ‘UNLOCKED AN IRISH PRISON OFFICER’S STORY‘ by David McDonald with Mick Clifford, Penguin (2023).

Readings that took place for 2021 – 2022

First Book Club 

The first Book Club meeting of the academic and legal year 2021–2022 took place on Monday, 8 November. It was great to be joined by new members and welcome back a few familiar faces. To decide what book to discuss first we ran a Twitter poll and the winner by a close margin was THE SUPREME COURT‘ by Ruadhán Mac Cormaic, Penguin (2016).

There were some great insights into the first book under discussion with everyone enjoying the human stories behind some of the high–profile cases heard by the Irish Supreme Court. 

Second Book Club

The second Book Club meeting took place on Monday, 17 January. Lovely to see more new faces who are taking on the challenge of reading more books in 2022! To decide what book to discuss next, we surveyed current subscribers to the Book Club, and the winner by a mile was ‘SPIDER WOMAN: A LIFE‘ by Lady Hale, Bodley Head (2021).

Third Book Club 

NOBODY’S VICTIM‘ by Carrie Goldberg, Virago (2019) prompted a lively discussion at the third meeting of the #KIBookClub, which took place on Monday, 28 February. We all agreed this book had been educational as well as terrifying us! One many of us might not have picked it up otherwise – exactly what book clubs are all about!

Fourth Book Club

Following a close vote with other titles ending up a joint second, current subscribers to the #KIBookClub discussed “WHAT LIES BURIED“ by Kerry Daynes, Hachette (2021) for the fourth meeting on Monday, 25 April. We all enjoyed the fascinating case studies discussed in the book, which has developed a lovely thread on Twitter of people sharing their love for the book and the author!

Fifth Book Club

I AM (MISS D) AMY DUNNE‘ by Amy Dunne with Orla O’Donnell, Gill Books (2022) was the book selected for the final #KIBookclub meeting of this academic year. The clear language made it easy to read without losing any of the emotion. It was interesting to get a different perspective on a case going through the courts.

Where to get books

Books can be purchased from Irish Bookshops online such as

And borrowed from 

  • Many local libraries are offering a reserve and collect service. Find your local library here.

Connect via Social

If you want to reach out to anyone participating in the Book Club, use the hashtag #KIBookClub on Social – Twitter is our chosen network.

If you need help with anything, drop us an email at

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