Advanced Diploma Law Courses

Page last updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2022

As Irish and EU law is constantly evolving, our professional development advanced diploma courses provide a comprehensive and practical grounding across specialist areas of the law. Courses benefit legal practitioners, employees and professionals wishing to upskill or fill gaps key to their organisation’s goals.

With over 15 advanced diplomas currently available, we provide key professional development to participants from a wide range of industries, both nationally and internationally. Increased understanding, knowledge and skills gained assists participants in becoming a more strategic and meaningful contributor in their workplace.

Completing an Advanced Diploma from Ireland’s renowned law school not only enables participants to understand the law but can also help them achieve promotion or career progression.

“Amidst growing complexity, workers now face unprecedented challenges in today’s market. To stay competitive, a practical understanding of the relevant domestic and EU legislation is essential.

Our dynamic and versatile courses are delivered from a practical point of view, which assist many employees, company directors, consultants and self–employed professionals in understanding and navigating the current legal issues that affect their work. They also appeal to legal practitioners who want to upskill in a specific area of the law.”

Dr Eimear Brown, Dean

Delivered by Industry Practitioners 

All our advanced diplomas are designed and coordinated by seasoned, highly experienced practitioners. Each course is delivered by visiting speakers from the legal, business, education and communication industries, including senior members of the judiciary.

All courses are suitable for those in full–time employment with many classes delivered online in live 1.5–hour sessions. Most classes are recorded and available to watch after class during your own time. Live interactive sessions usually take place early morning, evening, or the weekend.


Our advanced diplomas are professional development postgraduate courses. They are accredited independently by The Honorable Society of King’s Inns. King’s Inns, the only Inn of Court in Ireland, and the Inns of Court in the UK have a long–established and recognised role in providing recognised legal education in Common Law jurisdictions worldwide. 

The skills and competence gained in studying at King’s Inns are transferable, portable and recognised internationally. It is a valuable qualification delivered by distinguished lawyers, members of the judiciary, legal and other practitioners specialising in legal education. 

Some of our advanced diplomas are accredited by other professional organisations, with some offering CPD credits to their members. Please check individual course pages for further information. 

Member Discount

Subscribing Barrister Members to King’s Inns are entitled to a 10% discount on most advanced diploma courses. If you wish to avail of the discount you must have a discount code. Please contact (available 9 am to 2 pm Monday to Thursday) to get your discount code before applying. 

More information on membership can be found here.

Questions and Queries

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Courses on Offer

Applied Employment Law

Corporate, White–Collar and Regulatory Crime

Data Protection Law

Immigration and Asylum Law

Law and Education

Legal Innovation and Technology – new course

Legislative Drafting


Medical Law

Planning and Environmental Law

Public Procurement Law

Quasi–Judicial Decision–Making

Social Media and Media Law

Ard–Dioplómaí trí mheán na Gaeilge

Dlítheangeolaíocht / Lawyer–Linguistics

Dlí–Chleachtadh trí Ghaeilge / Legal Practice through Irish

Aistriúchán Dlíthiúil / Legal Translation