Advanced Diploma in Legislative Drafting

Page last updated: Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Please note due to COVID–19 restrictions, this course did not run in the academic years 2020–2021 and 2021–2022. 

The course will resume in Spring 2023 – date to be released soon. Sign up below to receive notification when further information is published.


This diploma is a unique part–time evening programme offering legal practitioners, civil servants, local government officials, regulators, law graduates or persons with relevant legislative experience the opportunity to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Legislative Drafting. 

There is a significant shortage in legislative drafters worldwide. This programme is expressly designed to train participants in the skill of drafting legislation and regulations, heads of Bills, rules and bye–laws thereby fulfilling a very important role in the delivery of legal education for a vital area of governance.

Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

The programme will expose participants to all aspects of the theory and practice of legislative drafting. 

With this advanced diploma, you will have gained a unique qualification that will give you a solid foundation in drafting legislation, identifying loopholes and translating policy into law.

On successful completion of the programme, the participants will have the knowledge required to understand a drafting project and will have practised and honed the skills required for successful management of drafting projects. A key aim is to integrate theory and practice.

Who is the course for?

The course will be suitable for legal practitioners, civil and public servants, consultants, agencies and regulators who require the skill of drafting legislation and regulations. 


The course designer and lead lecturer of the course is (to be confirmed).

Course Content and Delivery

Delivery is in part–time evening mode through the medium of seminars, workshops and lectures presented by leading experts in the area. The programme runs over a period of approximately 20 weeks and is delivered two evenings per week, usually Tuesday and Thursday, from 6 pm to 8 pm, in a small group setting.

Course Start Date: to be confirmed

All class notes are available to read through our Virtual Learning Environment. Online tutorials and IT support are available to help students navigate their way through our library and legal resource databases.

King’s Inns is built on networking and engagement. Over the year, we invite students to attend and participate in various social events, fireside chats and talks. Events take place either online or in–person. All of this contributes to the learning experience that is King’s Inns.

Course Content 

The programme is comprised of nine key modules:

  1. Role of legislative drafters
  2. Public law considerations in drafting
  3. Statutory interpretation and its relevance to drafting
  4. Key tools for drafters
  5. Cabinet and legislative processes
  6. Audience considerations and language usage
  7. Legal writing
  8. Legislative drafting
  9. Ancillary skills

Please note the course content is subject to change in accordance with new developments in this area. 

Experiential learning forms a significant part of the programme with participants learning reflectively through exercises and individualised feedback and consequently practical workshops will be one of the teaching methods used in most areas. This will consist of a variety of teaching and learning interventions including individual and group projects, practical skills development, case studies etc. Formal presentations provide background theory in the substantive law areas underpinning the programme.

Assessment and Accreditation

This is a professional development course and it is accredited independently by The Honorable Society of King’s Inns. The skills and competence gained in studying at King’s Inns are transferable, portable and recognised internationally. It is a valuable qualification delivered by distinguished lawyers, members of the judiciary, legal and other practitioners specialising in legal education.

To be awarded the Advanced Diploma, a participant is required to successfully complete – the assessment format for 2023 is to be confirmed. 

Course Fee

  • Course fee: €4,500 (to be confirmed). 
  • You should view the fee structure, payment terms, and other charges here

Barrister–at–Law graduates who are subscribing members to King’s Inns receive a 10% discount on this course. You must receive your discount code before applying. View more information here.

Admission Requirements 

Places on this course are limited, and they are often over–subscribed. We have a selection criteria in place and you are required to submit certain documentation to support your application.

  • Personal Statement addressing how the candidate’s qualifications and/or previous or current work experience are relevant to the course.
  • Optional: Certified Copy of your academic and professional achievements. If you are a barrister, it is not necessary to supply this information.
  • Optional: Any relevant documents supporting your application.
  • Documents may be submitted in the following formats: pdf, png, gif, jpg, jpeg. The maximum allowed size for each document is 20MB.

Download the Personal Statement template

How do I Apply?

Application Deadline: to be confirmed

  • In order to verify your personal details, you must first create an account on the Application Portal through the ‘register and apply here’ button below. Once you verify your email address in the Portal, you can then proceed with your application.
  • Acceptance on this course will be notified on an ongoing basis. If you have been accepted, your place on the course will not be secured until payment is received in full. It is advised to pay as soon as you get accepted.
  • Payment can be made through the Application Portal using your credit or debit card (please make sure your bank allows you to process the full payment in one go), or
  • If your employer is paying for your studies, you will require a valid PO number in advance of making the application, the name and email address for the person responsible for payment in your organisation.
  • The invoice will issue directly to the person whose details you enter. The participant will also be able to download a copy of the invoice through the Application Portal. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their employer has paid in full within the timeframe required in order to secure a place. King’s Inns cannot contact your employer for payment, we can only liaise with the applicant.
  • An automated payment receipt will be generated confirming your place on the course.
  • Subscribing members: You must apply your discount code upon application. It cannot be applied after the application is made.

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Legislative Drafting Graduate 2014

“I found the course an exciting, informative and wide–ranging course. It provided an invaluable introduction into this specialised area and provided a great insight into civil servants’ role in legislation. At the end of the course, I felt I had developed competence in this area, which had stood to me and impressed the recruiters when I was last job–hunting. I recommend this course to anyone wishing to develop their knowledge and skills in this area.”

Class of 2013–2014