Advanced Diploma in Public Procurement Law

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While the European Union (EU) public procurement regime has long been in place, it has received greater prominence in recent years, in particular, following the introduction of the remedies regime in 2010, and the automatic suspension of the conclusion of a contract following a challenge.

Public purchasing is also central to the internal market and the EU procurement rules have been reformed, with three new directives adopted in 2014 and implemented in Ireland in May 2016. There is a significant volume of CJEU (Court of Justice of the European Union) case law in this area, as well as an expanding national jurisprudence. It is an important and rapidly evolving area of law.

Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

This unique Advanced Diploma will provide participants with a comprehensive and practical knowledge of the public procurement regime, and will address a range of issues in depth, from invitations to tender, to conducting the various procurement processes, selection of tenderers, tender evaluation, contract conclusion and procurement litigation. 

Participants will also acquire an understanding of how procurement can be used to achieve innovation and promote government policies. Participants will have a thorough grounding in the differences between the utilities and public sector regimes, and the intersection between procurement law and competition, state aid and intellectual property.

On completion of the course, you should be better able to:

  1. Examine the legal framework in which public procurement operates and the applicable rules;
  2. Identify situations which may give rise to procurement litigation;
  3. Describe and explain current legal issues affecting the tender and evaluation process;
  4. Describe and explain key provisions and case law affecting this area;
  5. Apply knowledge to factual problem scenarios.


The course will appeal to procurement professionals, public sector and utility employees, academic and government researchers, industry, policymakers, legal practitioners, regulators and judges. It will also appeal to all businesses that undertake big or small public and private contracts.

Having a diverse group of professionals studying this course together allows participants to learn from each other, especially during tutorials and Q&A sessions.

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in Public Procurement. Lectures had excellent content, especially in terms of the depth of information supplied, based on procurement case law, application of legal frameworks, and relevant directives. Access to online resources was invaluable, including Moodle resources. Tutors and support staff were extremely responsive to all queries. Learnings and interaction with other students were invaluable throughout the process.”



The designers and lead lecturers of the course are barristers Dr Catherine Donnelly SC and Michael Judge BL

Catherine is one of Ireland’s leading procurement practitioners. She specialises in data protection, public procurement, competition, regulatory and European law. Michael specialises in European law and practices in administrative law, commercial/chancery, general practice, and judicial review.

Course Content and Delivery 

This course takes place in an online format only, live via Zoom, with recordings of lectures available after class is over. Interactive elements such as class discussions / tutorials will not be recorded and will be cast live only.

The course takes place over approx. 18 weeks from October to April, with lectures on Wednesdays from 8.30 am to 10 am.

Course Start Date: Wednesday, October 9, 2024

Most classes are recorded using eLearning software and made available to students for streaming via our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle). This means that, while all students are welcome to attend class live via Zoom, most of the sessions will be recorded so that students who are unable to attend can catch up on the material by streaming the video in their own time.

All class notes are available to read through our Virtual Learning Environment. Online tutorials and IT support are available to help students navigate their way through our library and legal resource databases.

King’s Inns is built on networking and engagement. Over the year, we invite students to attend and participate in various social events, fireside chats and talks. Events take place either online or in–person. All of this contributes to the learning experience that is King’s Inns.

Course Content

  • Course overview and introduction (live session, not recorded)
  • Introduction to public procurement law
  • The scope of the public procurement rules
  • Procedures, contracts and drafting the tender documentation
  • Conducting a lawful process I + II
  • Intersections between public procurement and competition law
  • Innovation in public procurement and intellectual property
  • Sub–threshold contracts
  • Contract conclusion
  • Frameworks
  • Procurement in the utilities sector
  • Public procurement and secondary policies
  • Public procurement litigation I + II
  • Transparency in public procurement
  • Public procurement: A view from the Bench 
  • Seminar: Practical problems in procurement

Please note the course content is subject to change in accordance with new developments in this area.

Previous Speakers

  • The Hon. Justice David Barniville
  • Eileen Barrington SC
  • Dr Aoife Beirne BL
  • Aaron Boyle, Partner, Arthur Cox
  • Kerri Crossen, Partner, Philip Lee
  • Anna–Marie Curran, Partner, A&L Goodbody
  • Joseph Dalby SC
  • Dr Catherine Donnelly SC
  • Nathy Dunleavy BL
  • Joanne Finn, Partner, DAC Beachcroft
  • Dr James Kinch, CSSO
  • Patrick McGovern, Retired Partner, Arthur Cox
  • Audrey Murtagh, CSSO
  • Jonathan Newman SC


This is a professional development course and it is accredited independently by The Honorable Society of King’s Inns. The skills and competence gained in studying at King’s Inns are transferable, portable and recognised internationally. It is a valuable qualification delivered by distinguished lawyers, members of the judiciary, legal and other practitioners specialising in legal education.

To be awarded the Advanced Diploma, a participant is required to successfully complete one assessment.

Note: The timetable and assessment information are subject to change in 2024. Details will be confirmed and updated soon. 


  • Course fee: €2,550. 
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There are no admission requirements for this course. A place on the highly sought–after course is not secured until the tuition fee is received in full. Once payment is received, you are automatically accepted on the course.


Application Deadline: Midnight (Irish time) on Wednesday, September 18 , 2024

  • In order to verify your personal details, you must first create an account on the Application Portal through the ‘register and apply here’ button below. Once you verify your email address in the Portal, you can then proceed with your application. 
  • The application process is very short and your place on the course will not be secured until payment is received in full. Once payment is received, you are automatically accepted on the course.
  • Payment can be made through the Application Portal using your credit or debit card (please make sure your bank allows you to process the full payment in one go), or 
  • If your employer is paying for your studies, you will require a valid PO number in advance of making the application, the name and email address for the person responsible for payment in your organisation. 
  • The invoice will issue directly to the person whose details you enter. The participant will also be able to download a copy of the invoice through the Application Portal. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure their employer has paid in full within the timeframe required in order to secure a place. King’s Inns cannot contact your employer for payment, we can only liaise with the applicant.
  • An automated payment receipt will be generated confirming your place on the course.
  • Subscribing members: You must apply your discount code upon application. It cannot be applied after the application is made. 


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Public Procurement Graduate 2022

“The Public Procurement Law course was incredibly informative with a great range of lecturers from various areas of expertise. It was fantastic to have access to the insight and knowledge of each of them, and I learned a lot of valuable things from each class. I highly recommend this Diploma to anyone interested in Public Procurement Law.”

Class of 2021–2022

Public Procurement Graduate 2021

“I found this diploma course a very valuable learning experience. The materials and the online resources were great which made researching much easier. As the course was delivered online this year, with the majority of the lectures pre–recorded, it allowed me to view the lectures and study the papers in my own time. The process of submitting the assignments online was also very easy. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working directly or indirectly in the area of public procurement.”

Class of 2020–2021