Barrister–at–Law Entrance Examination

Last Updated: Friday, October 1, 2021

Eligibility to sit the Entrance Examination

Admission as a student to the degree of Barrister–at–Law course is by an entrance examination. To be eligible to apply to sit this examination, an applicant must hold either an approved law degree/approved postgraduate diploma or the Diploma in Legal Studies from King’s Inns.

The list of approved third level qualifications can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Schedule Of Approved Degrees

The applicant must show that, in the course leading to the approved degree/postgraduate diploma, that the following core subjects have been passed:

  1. Equity & Trusts
  2. Jurisprudence
  3. Irish Land Law (including the Law of Succession)
  4. Administrative Law
  5. Company Law
  6. Law of the European Union

The Examination

The subjects for the entrance examination are as follows:

  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Irish Constitutional law
  • Law of Tort
  • Law of Evidence

The entrance examination syllabus, reading list and past examination papers are available below. All candidates should be familiar with the rules relating to the entrance examination. 

Information regarding marks and standards, deferrals, eligibility to re–sit, dates of examinations along with all the education rules may be found below and along the right hand side.

Syllabi & Reading Lists

Past Exam Papers

Contract Law Syllabus (2021)

Law of Torts Syllabus (2021)

Irish Constitutional Law Syllabus (2021)

Criminal Law Syllabus (2021)

Law of Evidence Syllabus (2021) 

Acceptance of Offers

Offer of places on the degree course must be accepted in accordance with the timeframe laid down by King’s Inns. Such candidates will be required to submit an acceptance form and the appropriate fee within a specified period.

The Application Process

Closing date for applications: Applications will be taken from March 2022.

In order to verify your personal details, you must first create an account on the Application Portal through the ‘apply here’ button below. Once you verify your email address in the Portal, you can then proceed with your application.

Register and apply here

An applicant that satisfies the eligibility requirements to sit the Entrance Examination must apply and pay the non–refundable application fee of €600. Payment is done through our online application portal on or before midnight on 31 May in the year in which an applicant intends to take the examination.

A late application may be submitted by midnight on 1 July and is subject to a non–refundable late application fee of €1,000.

Application and Supporting Documents

  1. Transcript: A transcript of your degree which should include all subjects studied and passed in the years of the degree course and the overall degree grade. If you are sitting the final degree examination in summer 2021 you must provide this transcript on or before 1 July 2021
  2. Student Admission Declaration: The applicant must sign the Declaration by scanned signature or e–signature. Please download the form below and the guide to submitting an e–signature.
  3. Certificate 1: Character reference 1. A referee must sign the Certificate by scanned signature or e–signature. Please download the form below.
  4. Certificate 2: Character reference 2. A referee must sign the Certificate by scanned signature or e–signature.
  5. Passport / Driving Licence Scan: Either (a) details page with photograph from current passport, (b) Irish or other EU passport card, or (c) valid EU driving license with photograph showing details.
  6. Photo for Student Card: Please upload an image file containing a recent passport–sized photo.
  7. Special Requirements (optional): Supporting documents for a request for alternative Entrance Exam accommodations for an applicant with a disability. This is an optional document. You only need to upload this document if you require alternative Entrance Exam accommodations.

Entrance Exam 2021

Student Declaration Form 2021

Certificate of Standing 2021 – two required

how to submit an electronic signature


If you have any questions about the Entrance Examination or the degree of Barrister–at–Law, contact the Registrar’s office at